the risks of tension with users weigh on the morale of security guards

The morale of the troops plummets. Private security agents already control health passes at the entrance to places of culture or leisure accommodating at least 50 people, such as swimming pools or cinemas. But with the extension, since August 9, of the application of sesame to the entrances of bars, restaurants, hospitals – except in emergencies – stations, airports, etc., even to shopping centers upon decision of the prefect, opens a period full of ” worry “ for these staff, according to Djamel Benotmane, CGT union delegate at Fiducial Private Security, who says he receives “Many calls from employees”.

The fears relate in particular to the risk of conflict with the users that the agents have to control. According to the group of security companies, in tourist places in Paris, for example, where the control of the pass began on July 21, it took place “Rather well between customers and security guards”.

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But how should the security guards react “If the user does not have a pass?, asks Mr. Benotmane. There is a risk of conflict occurring, but we do not have the right to enter into a conflict ”. Will they be able to avoid them? “We have no training in conflict management, raises Daniel Peltier, general secretary of the CFTC union of employees of prevention and security. The officers are waiting for instructions on what to do. It’s already complicated sometimes to enforce the wearing of a mask. This is why there are currently a lot of resignations. “

“Call on the police”

Avoiding conflict is imperative: “We are holders of a professional card renewable every five years, specifies Elhadji Niang, in charge of the prevention and safety branch at the CGT. In case of altercation, if there is a complaint for example, your professional card is frozen until the matter is settled. “ Without a card, no work.

For Mr. Peltier, “The best solution, in the event of a conflict, is to exercise your right of withdrawal or to call on the police”. “A part of the population is reluctant to adopt a health pass, adds Alain Bouteloux, FO federal secretary in charge of private security. The security guards will take these rejections in the face. ” In Normandy, at the Caen Memorial, “People at the reception who asked visitors for their passes were called collaborators”, emphasizes Mr. Peltier. He deplores “The establishment of rapid decisions, without consultation with the branch, while one could have explained to the Ministry of the Interior what the difficulties are on the ground”.

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