the RN in turn tabled a motion of censure in the Assembly

The National Rally (RN) deputies in turn tabled a motion of censure from the government on Friday, in response to 49.3 drawn by the executive to have the pension reform adopted without a vote.

And we will vote for all the motions of censure presented, underlined the deputy Laure Lavalette, while a motion of cross-partisan censure was tabled by the independent group Liot, likely to federate voices from different camps, unlike that of the RN.

What matters is that this iniquitous reform project falls, insists Ms. Lavalette.

In its motion of censure, the group of 88 RN deputies castigates an unjust and unnecessary reform.

While the French are massively demonstrating their opposition to this reform, the national representation has never been able to vote on this text, which is, despite the legality of the process, a serious attack on democratic principles, he denounces.

A little earlier, the deputies of the independent group Liot tabled a cross-partisan motion of censure of the government, co-signed by elected representatives of Nupes.

To bring down the government, a motion of censure will have to win an absolute majority in the National Assembly, ie 287 votes. This would require in particular that around thirty LR deputies (out of 61) bring theirs during the vote, a hypothesis which seems unlikely.

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