The Rookie Season 6: Return of an old acquaintance, a death and a cliffhanger – that’s what awaits you in the big finale


“The Rookie” Season 6 is heading straight towards the finale. Next week we can expect a lot of action: an old acquaintance appears, there could be a death and there will be a cliffhanger.

The Rookie Season 6: Monica hires a bodyguard.

The Rookie Season 6: Monica hires a bodyguard. (Source: Disney/Raymond Liu)

Episode 9 of “The Rookie” Season 6 has already heralded the big finale and the situation is getting more and more heated. After Mad Dog’s suicide, Tim Bradford comes to his new psychiatrist, Dr. Blair London is on the trail – she seems to be connected to the case and all of her other patients are also in danger. Of course, Tim himself becomes the focus of the gangsters with whom London works.

After Monica Stevens was attacked in the episode and got rid of her attacker, she is now looking for the person who is trying to take her life. But Nyla Harper and Angela Lopez want to find the culprit faster because they realize that otherwise Monica will kill him.

Meanwhile, John Nolan and Celina Juarez investigate London on their own to get her to cooperate. Everything indicates that the young woman will reveal in the big season finale that Monica is her client – and that could culminate in her death.

Dies Dr. Blair London in the finale of “The Rookie” season 6?

The Rookie Season 6: Dr.  Blair London and Detective Pierson

The Rookie Season 6: Dr. Blair London and Detective Pierson (Credit: Disney/Raymond Liu)

Even showrunner Alexi Hawley himself hints at this. Speaking at the Disney Upfronts event, he told TVLine: “Monica is extremely dangerous and we should be very concerned about her [Blair London] care for.”

A tragic death could await us in the big season finale. Hawley also reveals, along with John Nolan actor Nathan Fillion, that the finale will be very action-packed and Tim Bradford will be back on duty just in time. It is also clear that a big cliffhanger awaits us at the end of season 6.

Nyla Harper actress Mekia Cox also reveals that we will see a familiar face again in the next episode. Of course, she doesn’t reveal who is returning, but since Monica already visits our favorite criminal Oscar Hutchinson in prison in episode 9 and gives him an assignment, we assume that his cellmate Elijah Stone will appear again.

Stone may also be behind the attack on Monica, because he certainly blames her for his prison sentence. And the fact that Monica is now trying to become the biggest crime boss in the city only fuels his hatred.

There could also be one or two great Chenford moments in the finale. As early as episode 9, Lucy brings herself to hug her ex-boyfriend because he is going through a lot. Since she is currently working undercover as a nanny for the children of a very dangerous money launderer and after Monica’s visit he suspects that Lucy has overheard him, there could be a showdown here. Tim may have to intervene to save Lucy.


The Rookie: How well do you know the police series?

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What was the name of the serial killer that plagued John Nolan for several episodes?

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