The Rosenheim cops: Why is Miriam Stockl on vacation instead of in the police station?


The Rosenheim cops
Why is Miriam Stockl on vacation instead of in the police station?

"The Rosenheim Cops": Miriam Stockl (Marisa Burger) is on vacation – but how much longer?

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"Rosenheim Cops" fans currently have to do without Miriam Stockl. In the interview, actress Marisa Burger explains the background.

"The Rosenheim Cops" (Tuesdays, 7:25 pm, ZDF) without the lively police secretary Miriam Stockl (Marisa Burger, 47) and chief detective Anton Stadler (Dieter Fischer, 49)? Actually unthinkable – and yet it will still be a while before the two get involved again on site in Rosenheim. After all, Miriam Stockl supports her representation in the police station as much as possible from her well-deserved vacation in the south of France. She can be seen in every episode of the 20th season (broadcast until April), Anton Stadler returns at the end of March. Actress Marisa Burger explains what is behind the absence in an interview with spot on news.

Secretary Miriam Stockl is currently on vacation, but is still involved in every episode. How did that happen? And do your fans have to fear that you will quit completely?

Marisa Burger: This is due to the corona situation. Because of the postponements, shooting clashed with other important dates. Our scriptwriters then thought up for me that Miriam Stockl would investigate in three or four episodes from the hotel – which of course made me incredibly happy. It's not so absurd, after all, in real life there are also vacation replacements. In no way is it about me stopping.

And what about your colleague, Dieter Fischer?

Burger: It's the same with Dieter Fischer, who plays chief detective Anton Stadler. He too will of course return.

You've been there since the first episode and have a correspondingly large number of fans. What is the most talked about?

Burger: There are many women who think Miriam Stockl's style of clothing and styling is great. I am asked where the blouse or lipstick is from. Of course, I don't buy these things myself, our great costume designer is responsible for that. In addition to the hot topic of styling, many fans also like to ask my colleagues whether I'm really that kind of gossip – no, I'm not, I just play Miriam Stockl (laughs).

What are your personal highlights of the current season that viewers can still look forward to?

Burger: In that case I cannot single out any individual scenes. Rather, every episode that we were able to finish under the Corona conditions is a real highlight. Despite all the stress with tests and the like, it was fun and I also think that all the consequences were really funny.

Actors have to take these tests quite often. Have you developed a certain routine in the meantime?

Burger: You actually develop a kind of stoic routine. The only thing that still stresses me a bit is the waiting time after the test until the result is there. Because no matter how compliant you have behaved, for two or three days you simply lull yourself into uncertainty. Nonetheless, these tests simply have to be done to protect us.