The RTX 4080 will have significantly less stock than the RTX 4090 at launch

A few days before the launch of the RTX 4080, leaker Moore’s Law is Dead tells us some very bad news. Nvidia is reportedly stocking the graphics card a lot more than its big sister, between 20% to 40% less than the RTX 4090 or so. The manufacturer would rather sell its stocks of RTX 3000 as Christmas approaches.

On November 16, players will finally be able to get their hands on the RTX 4080. The graphics card arrives a little late compared to the RTX 4090, which was released in early October. But the launch is indeed looming, and all those who do not wish to opt for the flagship of this new range will soon be able to get their hands on it. At least, the luckiest of them.

Indeed, Nvidia obviously does not have the same sales ambitions for the newcomer to the RTX 4000. As leaker Moore’s Law is Dead tells us in his latest video, stocks will not be as supplied for the RTX 4080 On average, he estimates that you will find 20% to 40% less RTX 4080 compared to the RTX 4090. In other words, it will be even more complicated to find than its range neighbor.

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You’ll be hard pressed to find an RTX 4080 in stock

Worse still, Moore’s Law is Dead claims that Nvidia does not intend to restock the RTX 4080 at the same rate as the RTX 4090. But what has stung the manufacturer? The answer may well lie on the side of Christmas. Indeed, with the approach of the end of year celebrations, Nvidia would, it seems, have a very specific objective in mind: to sell its last stocks of RTX 3000. A predictable strategy, the firm probably wishing to focus on its new generation in 2023.

For all those who wish to buy a latest generation graphics card, on the other hand, the next few months will therefore be difficult. Especially since Nvidia has canceled the 12 GB version of its RTX 4080, following the controversy over its significantly less power than its neighbor, leaving players with even less choice. So let’s hope that 2023 will be more lenient towards them.

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