The Savannah not sold, the debts are piling up

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Since Johnny’s death in December 2017, the question of the inheritance of his widow Laeticia and more particularly of the future of their villa in Marnes La Coquette has been pending. Based in the United States with Jalil Lespert and her daughters Jades and Joy, Laeticia has never hidden her wish to sell this house, in particular to pay off her debts, but for 5 years things have been dragging on.

Will Laeticia Hallyday finally succeed in completing the Savannah file, the villa in Marnes La Coquette? Announced for sale since the death of the rocker, the villa is still not sold. In question an exorbitant price. Yet Laeticia seemed ready to take the plunge…

“It was a refuge but I have to part with it”, confided last November Laeticia Hallyday about “La Savannah”, Johnny’s villa in Marnes-la-Coquette, the sale of which was entrusted to the media agency Kretz. Eventually the warrant was withdrawn. Bad news for the star’s widow

Laeticia Hallyday has debts to pay off

Keeping the villa is however unthinkable. First for financial reasons. For the widow of the youth idol, it is not possible to keep this big house. In terms of real estate, it must be said that the Hallydays had luxury tastes… The 1000 m² villa is on sale as part of the succession impacted by a large tax debt of the star. “This house, we found ourselves there during the tours, it was an anchor, a refuge… Today, I have to part with it… And that too is a stage of mourning”. A mourning all the more difficult as it is in this house that Johnny died. After a spell in the hospital, that’s where he spent his last days, in his office converted into a hospital room and equipped to relieve the suffering of the singer.

On the online ad, many of the villa can be seen, including the kitchen, library, personal cinema room, gym, children’s playroom, tennis court, swimming pool, large garden… The announcement also specifies the existence of a wine cellar, a large terrace adjoining the master suite and a caretaker’s house of approximately 60 m2 with an interior courtyard independent of the master’s house. The official price displayed (10.5 million), a price revised downwards because despite the presence of curious people, the villa has not found a buyer since it was put up for sale on the luxury real estate market in 2018 with the Coldwell Banker Realty agency. The villa is located in one of the richest towns in France, in a private park of 27 villas. Among the neighbors are stars like Hugues Aufray and business leaders like Jacques Seguela.

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This house, we found ourselves there during the tours, it was an anchorage, a refuge… Today, I have to part with it… And that too is a stage of mourning”.

Laeticia Hallyday has already emptied the house

In 2010, the couple had already tried to sell this villa for a amount of 26 million euros, when it was estimated between 15 and 18 million eurosreported then European 1. In vain. Things are getting tougher for Laeticia, cornered financially, especially since she bought a villa in Los Angeles at Pacific Palisades.

Laeticia has already emptied the house of her memories of her life with Johnny and she no longer resides there. In 2022, his widow cleared the way, sorting through Johnny’s belongings and offering them a traveling exhibition, to the delight of the star’s fans.

However, it is a part of the life of the Hallyday couple that is at stake. It is also there that Jade was baptized, in front of an audience of journalists and people… What moving memories for Laeticia

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