the scarf in the hair, we say yes!

The scarf in the hair is the trendy accessory of the moment. Colorful, patterned, turban-style or tied, it can be modulated at will to spice up our looks. Summer and winter alike is the fashion asset to have!

It is worn in all sauces. The scarf dresses our hair, gently brushes our necks, accessorizes our handbag handles or is tied at the waist. It’s the go-anywhere accessory that adds a touch of je ne sais quoi to our most basic looks.

In recent seasons, this accessory has experienced a growing resurgence of interest. The catwalks highlight it, at Gucci in an Italian mama style, Dior revives the retro chic spirit while at Pucci we put on its glamorous side. It is certain, haute-couture devotes a cult to it, the scarf has all the merit of being number 1 of our accessory trends.

How to wear the scarf this winter?

This winter we particularly like it in the hair. Ideal replacement for the beanie (which can sometimes lack elegance), the scarf is the new darling of fashionistas from all walks of life.

Turban style

From a more fashion than religious perspective, canon and practical, the headscarf tied in a turban style dresses and warms up this frosty season. For those who like to play on a retro chic look, this is the perfect accessory.

Glamorous way

Jacky O ‘Kennedy, the scarf is placed folded in half, head down. It gives an effortless chic allure that is sure to make an impact.

Sixties way

Like Claude Gensac, sparkling and elegant at will in the Gendarmes of Saint-Tropez, we wear the scarf like a windbreaker, tied under the neck.

Bandana style

It floats like a Californian wind in the air … with the bandana we play the card of American style. Worn fully on the head, the bandana is tied at the base of the neck.

Head-band style

Perhaps the most adored technique, the head-band scarf brings a spring breeze to our winter looks. Rolled up on itself and tied at the top of the head, it also allows you to have fun with different bohemian hairstyles.

Darling way

Worn like a ponytail in the hair, the darling-style scarf is popular! A great way to dress up a ponytail that’s a little too smooth or simply replace the scrunchie that you accidentally forgot at home.

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