“The senators, in any case those who are against, show that they are cut off from the reality of our society”

Tribune. The Senate firmly refuses that homosexual women and single women have access to medically assisted procreation (MAP). There is, however, no valid reason to refuse it. The Larousse dictionary defines the word “reactionary”: “Who is in favor of a narrow conservatism or of a return to a previous social or political state. “

All the scientific studies that have looked at the fate of children conceived and raised by single women or by women in homosexual couples show no difference with children raised in heterosexual families. It is not enough to repeat tirelessly that a child needs a mom and a dad, as the activists of “La Manif contre tout” repeat over and over again (name more appropriate to the postures of the self-proclaimed La Manif for all).

These children do not have developmental delay, no longer have emotional disorders, do not have more psychological suffering, do not have a different sexual orientation. There is therefore no medical, psychological or ethical reason to deny them the right to exist. There are no more reasons to continue to deny these women access to parenthood and to leave them as their only option but to go abroad, which leads to unacceptable selection by money.

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Countries where such access is permitted are not overwhelmed by dysfunctional families and their societies are not in jeopardy. In Belgium, this support has been authorized since 1983! France’s retrograde position is pathetic. A large majority of European countries allow these women to have children. France’s position on these subjects is truly incomprehensible.

Ridiculous anathemas

Several French authorities gave a favorable opinion to this support after hearing dozens of medical experts, pediatricians, psychiatrists, psychologists, specialists in children, but also philosophers, sociologists and religious. Obviously, all these experts are not unanimously in favor of this support.

But the National Ethics Committee, the Academy of Medicine, the bodies representing the medical specialties concerned consider, after hearing these experts, that this support does not endanger either children or our society. All the same, these experts have much more legitimacy than our senators to judge the future well-being of these children.

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