The sentences you will not escape

When it comes time to go on vacation or on weekends, it’s always the same. The car is packed, the tank full, the tires inflated and the children ready and excited to leave… On paper, everything is perfect and under control, there is no reason for the mechanics to seize up. and that this trip turns into a nightmarish journey. However, you might as well get used to the idea. If you are traveling with children everything may not go as planned.

Are you a novice, are you worried? Don’t panic, children are far from being really inventive. It is quite easy to foresee the whining and recriminations to which you will be entitled during your trip.

Here are the 15 phrases that you should not escape … and their parade for a trip in (almost) all serenity.

“I have a stomach ache”

The parade : Suggest a mint candy, stomach ache is often the first sign of nausea.
The risk : In fact, he mostly needed to pee and the next rest area is in 55 kilometers …

“When will we arrive ?”

The parade : Drown the fish by answering “ it’s further than to go to the supermarket, but less than to go to uncle Antoine “.
The risk : Let him ask you the question every 5 minutes … and answer you “Who is Uncle Antoine? ‘”

“I’m too hot” (it also works with “I’m too cold”)

The parade : Ah ah, he’s trying to trap you rascal! With the air conditioning, obviously, it is not hot … Turn off the 10 minutes to show him what it was like when you were little (e) and that it was really hot in the cars.
The risk : That you are too hot.

Be careful, all the same, be vigilant: the ” I’m too hot “is sometimes, in the children’s language of transport a synonym of” it won’t be long before my heart hurts “Stay alert. If he refuses a toy or a candy you offer him, take out the basin …

“He / She takes all the space”

The parade : Delimit a space for each and everyone stays at home.
The risk : Let the one who has the seat near the door prevent the one in the middle from going out during the break because ” it goes through his home “.

” I want to pee “

The parade : Keep his mind busy to make him wait until the next break.
The risk : Well … that he really urgently wants to pee.

“I’m bored “

The parade 1 : Offer him games. On the program, Chinese portrait, guess which animal I’m thinking of, the first to find 3 red cars has won, look for 10 animals (on and in vehicles, in the fields…).
Parade 2: Have them choose music they like or listen to a story (on CD, on a USB key that you have prepared beforehand, via Deezer or any other musical platform to which you are subscribed). From Les Misérables to the tales of Marlène Jobert, there is something for all tastes and for all durations (Special mention for ” The little hood of your color “).
Parade 3: Offer to watch a movie or cartoon if you have a player (if your children are not prone to motion sickness).
The risk : Let him ask you non-stop to play with you. Parades 2 and 3 can then come to your aid.

Attention, be vigilant: Parry 3 is incompatible with the “ I feel like throwing up “.

“I have the sun that bothers me”

The parade : Provide sun visor, cap or at worst a towel to stuck in the window.
The risk : Thrown from a cap, more or less successful attempt to fold up the sun visor bouncing through the passenger compartment.

” I am thirsty “

The parade : Provide small bottles, ideally with a suitable neck (pacifier for the little ones, children’s cap for the medium ones).
The risk : Once the bottle is whistled, there is a high risk of “I need to pee “.

” I want to vomit “

The parade : Open the windows, spray mint in the cabin (unless you are traveling with a pregnant woman), take a break.
The risk : May it be too late …

“You are not allowed to exceed 110” “It is forbidden to overtake there” “You forgot to put your turn signal” …

The parade : Limit this little game in time. It is certainly very instructive but also has a high potential for parental nervousness. “You are a policeman for 15 minutes and you also watch the other cars, thank you
The risk / benefit: Create a vocation in your little ones (?)

” I am hungry “

The parade : Provide some sweets and small cakes (sweet or savory) to wait while waiting for lunch / snack / dinner (once is not customary).
The risk : In case of abuse of food, high risk of “ I feel like throwing up “, Or even” I threw up “.

“He / She keeps me from sleeping”

The parade : Tell the little bullshit ” Shhh, leave it, when your brother / sister sleeps, I’ll tell you a secret “.
The risk : Let that take away any desire to sleep in the second too eager to know, too, the secret.

” I threw up “

The parade : Too late, it was necessary to act at the time of ” I have a stomach ache “. But as you are well aware, you probably have a “special cleaning” water bottle, a change of clothes, and an odor-absorbing spray.
The risk : Spend the rest of the journey in a stinky car.

“Just bother me”

The parade : Try to calm things down and come up with a game, a story or a break to stretch your legs. If they continue, deploy the ultimate parry.
Ultimate Parade: Stop on the roadside or at the next stop, do not get them out of the car and wait. When they question you, tell them that you cannot drive in these conditions and that until they are calm you will not move.
The risk (quite low): May the children resume their fight on the theme “ it’s your fault we stopped … “

“I forgot my blanket”

The parade : There aren’t any, you’re screwed.
The risk : For your weekend / vacation, it’s over.

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When do we arrive

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Come on, courage, as you have been warned, the trip will certainly go well … And it will be so good to reach your destination to finally free your little beasts and fully enjoy your weekend with your family … while waiting the return trip!

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