the service has increased by 1800% in 1 year, but beware

Microsoft is pleased with the success of its cloud gaming service, which has seen great growth in one year. But can we speak of a success?

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Together with its Game Pass subscription, Microsoft has made Xbox Cloud Gaming one of its spearheads in video games. A service on which the firm relies heavily for its future in the gaming industry. On the investor side, during its financial results, Microsoft tends to be very tight-lipped on Xbox results. The giant’s mouth relaxed on the occasion of a video celebrating a year of improvements for the cloud gaming service.

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Very strong growth

In this video for the Xbox community, Microsoft is proud to report 1800% year-over-year growth in hours played on Xbox Cloud Gaming. This is an extremely impressive number at first sight.

To explain it, we must indeed rethink all the service improvements proposed by Microsoft teams over the last twelve months. There was the arrival on Samsung televisions and on Xbox One and Xbox Series consoles. New platforms have come to join PC, mobile and web as new ways to access the cloud.

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There is also and above all the arrival of Fortnite on Xbox Cloud Gaming. Not only is it an extremely popular game that needs no introduction, but the game is the first to be available from Microsoft without the need for an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription. Not long ago, Microsoft indicated that 4 million players had tried Fortnite on the service, including 1 million new entrants to the Xbox ecosystem.

But beware

Be careful, however, to temper the announced growth. 1800% is very impressive on paper, but we don’t know how popular the service was a year ago. 1800% growth of an infrequently used service is 1800% not much. A year ago, the service was in its infancy.

We can still note that Microsoft has indicated several times that the firm was going to be forced to increase the server capacity of its service to keep up with demand. So there is definitely an audience of cloud gamers in the Xbox ecosystem now.

With the new features regularly added to Xbox Cloud Gaming and those still to come, Microsoft has the cards in hand to continue to improve its service. With the Activision-Blizzard takeover looming, if call of duty warzone Where Diablo IV became as easy to access as Call Of Duty Mobile Where Diablo Immortalgrowth does not seem to be about to stop.

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