The Settlers: Ubisoft’s RTS is making a comeback with an approaching release date, a closed beta and a gameplay trailer!

Forget everything you know about The Settlers: Kingdoms of Anteria, the project announced in 2014. Ubisoft the rebooted in 2018 by giving the new title the simple name of The Settlers, a game that has since disappeared from radar and had promised to return to the front of the stage in January.

The salvation of the fans of the series has arrived, The Settlers is definitely back! Ubisoft Dusseldorf has been busy and presents the new version of its real-time strategy game with a trailer of gameplay using the Snowdrop Engine. The experience will provide a gameplay faithful to the basics of the franchise, while deploying deep martial and economic mechanics, to experiment with in a varied tutorial, campaign, and online game modes.

The Settlers takes up the game mechanics inseparable from the saga, without forgetting to add its grain of salt. It unfolds a successful economic gameplay, which will be used to raise and deploy armies to overcome your opponents.

Various multiplayer game modes with up to 8 players result in thrilling skirmishes against other players or the AI. A story-driven campaign will immerse players in the world of Settlers, while new players can learn the basic mechanics in a separate tutorial.

The Settlers hosts 3 playable factions: the Elari, the Maru and the Jorn, each with a distinct look and playstyle.

The object of the game is to accumulate resources and enrich your economy to recruit new Settlers and raise a victorious and directly controllable army. Develop upgrades for your army and reinforce it with siege and support units.

Never has The Settlers been so animated and rich in detail. Powered by Ubisoft’s proprietary engine Snowdrop, The Settlers sets a new visual standard in the real-time construction/strategy game genre.

The player will have to adapt his style of play to access monuments and their special rewards, or explore new biomes and meet their challenges.

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The icing on the cake is that the release date is already set for March 17 on PC via theEpic Games Store and theUbisoft Store. You will have the choice between a standard edition at €59.99, offering 3 coastal tours, a captain’s title and 1 day of Shard Booster as a pre-order bonus, and an edition Deluxe at €79.99 adding a Deluxe Package (royal objects set, royal title set, Shard Booster of 3 days, digital artbook and selection of tracks from the soundtrack) and a Explorer Bundle (tracker’s mark, explorer’s title and set Compass). A closed beta will finally be held from January 20 to 24, and it is possible to register for it on the official website.

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