The silence of the lambs: original stars reminisce


The silence of the Lambs
Original stars reminisce

Anthony Hopkins and Jodie Foster at an event in 1999.

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Anthony Hopkins and Jodie Foster, the original "Silence of the Lambs" stars, celebrated a virtual reunion.

Anthony Hopkins (83, "The Perfect Crime") and Jodie Foster (58, "Taxi Driver") celebrated a special reunion: Shortly before the 30th birthday of their cult film "The Silence of the Lambs" (in the original: "The Silence of the Lambs ", 1991) the original stars of the horror thriller met virtually for the" Variety "series" Actors on Actors ".

“It's been a life changing adventure, this movie, for both of us,” Foster said at the anniversary reunion before asking Hopkins, “I'm sure people will still come up to you and say, 'Would you like a nice Chianti? '"With this, Foster refers to Lecter's famous sentence:" I enjoyed his liver with a few fava beans, and an excellent Chianti. " Hopkins replies in a virtual conversation: "Oh yes, they do."

The film premiered on February 14th. The young FBI candidate Clarice Starling (Foster) is allowed to work on a particularly difficult case in which the FBI goes on the hunt for a serial killer named "Buffalo Bill". The investigators choose an unusual method for this: They work with the imprisoned serial killer Hannibal Lecter (Hopkins), who preferred to eat the innards of his victims. The film won an Oscar in the five most important categories.

Hopkins had a clear idea of ​​Lecter

For Hopkins it was the best script he had ever read at the time, he explains when they meet again. "I couldn't believe my luck and I hardly dared to speak to you. After all, you had just won an Oscar," the actor reveals to his colleague. He immediately knew what his character looked like, and the voice came during the first reading of the script. "I remember the voice you had, the metallic sheen in your voice," says Foster.

The actress also paid great attention to the way she spoke her role, which above all should be slow and anxious. "Clarice was marked by the blood of the lambs, the noise, and the fact that there was nothing she could do to help them." In a way, Starling was just another victim – "another girl in another city. The fact that she could understand the victims made her a heroine."