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The famous series The Simpsons is committed to diversity. She will no longer use white actors to double her characters of color, in particular the controversial Apu Nahasapeemapetilon, grocer of Indian origin.

Since its inception, the successful series The Simpsons uses white actors who lend their voices to a number of colorful characters, including Harry Shearer who dubs the African-American doctor Julius Hibbert and Hank Azaria who dubs the Indian grocer, Apu Nahasapeemapetilon. However, this will no longer be the case. "We're going ahead. The Simpsons will no longer have white actors to provide voice for non-white characters"said the spokesperson for Fox, The Eisners.

Last January, Hank Azaria already announced that he would stop lending his voice to Apu after dubbing him for 30 years."All we know is that I'm not going to do the voice anymore, unless there is a way to transition or something", he explained. The production of Simpsons and Hank Azaria had made the decision by mutual agreement. "We all agree. We all think it's the right thing and it's good.", he assured.

Comedian Hari Kondabolu launched the controversy over the Indian character in his 2017 documentary, "The problem with Apu"He was interviewing celebrities of Indian descent, including Aziz Ansari and Kal Penn, to discuss how the characteristics of Apu could be viewed as racism."My documentary 'The problem with Apu' was not made to get rid of a dated cartoon character, but to discuss race, representation and my community (which I really like). was also about how you can like something (like the Simpsons) while being critical about certain things (Apu) ", he said adding that he hoped The Simpsons would keep Apu and their "very talented writing" would allow "to do something interesting with him. "

The character of Doctor Hibbert, a black man voiced by the white actor Harry Shearer, should also be affected by this change announced by the production of Simpsons.

Netflix and TV + call made similar decisions for their series Big Mouth and Central park. As for Mike Henry, a white actor who doubles the black character of Cleveland Brown in Griffins, he recently gave up his role. "It has been an honor to play Cleveland in Family Guy for twenty years. I like this character, but people of color should play the characters of color ", he said.

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