The Sims 4 free: When does it go free-to-play?

Since its launch in September 2014, The Sims 4 attracted millions of players around the world and made itself available on almost all platforms (PC, PlayStation and Xbox). Over time, a wealth of content, both free and paid, has been added to enrich the world of The Sims and increase the creative possibilities for players.

Unexpectedly, the developers announced that The Sims 4 was going to become free, going free-to-play.

When will The Sims 4 be free?

The Sims 4 will therefore become free from October 18, 2022, on all platforms. That is to say, you can download it, without spending a penny, on PC, via Steam and Origin, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Series. Unfortunately, no announcement on Nintendo Switch has been made and it seems that the title still does not arrive on this platform, to the chagrin of an entire community.

For the rest, this transition to free-to-play will not really impact the players. Updates will always be rolled out over time, with the aim of bringing content, although we don’t have more information on this. However, to thank the community, and especially the players who bought it before The Sims 4 is going freea kit will be offered, namely the Luxury in the desert kit, recently released on all platforms. The latter allows players to access more exotic items, inspired by the desert of the southwestern United States.

This transition Sims 4 free-to-play will allow Maxis and Electronic Arts to see the player base drastically increase, without a doubt. Between the old players who will immerse themselves in the production and the new ones, who will arrive to discover the experience, this choice should prove to be profitable for the developers. An excellent thing before, perhaps, announcing The Sims 5?

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