The Sims 4 Grow Together Expansion Pack Revealed with Town and Infants

The Sims 4 is playable in free-to-play since the end of last year, but EA Games And Maxis are obviously not ready to give up their life simulation game. Studios reveal this week a new expansion pack, Grow Togetherwhich notably adds a whole new city.

The developers present this expansion pack in detail Grow Together For The Sims 4 :

Players will be able to discover an all-new town, explore family bonds through different Sim dynamics and interactions, and watch their Sim grow from the new Infant life stage into adulthood, while reaching new milestones within his family.

Players will have the opportunity to take their Sim’s family to explore a quaint oceanside town and experience more family interactions. In particular, they will be able to discover new ways to socialize thanks to the new social compatibility feature in order to create stronger relationships. Players may even notice their infant adopting a whole new behavior or reaching a milestone. With so much to do and explore, The Sims 4 Grow Together expansion pack will allow players to enjoy special family time.

Here’s what awaits players in The Sims 4 Grow Together expansion pack:

  • San Sequoia, a brand new town on the edge of a bay;
  • Deeper gameplay with the Infant life stage;
  • More family interactions and dynamics;
  • All new stages that influence a Sim’s evolution.

Maxis finally specifies that THE infants will be available to all players through an update which will be launched in The Sims 4 next March 14. You can find the many expansions of the game on Amazon.

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