The Sims 4 ‘Marriage’ Expansion Won’t Release in Russia Due to Anti-Gay and Lesbian Laws

Electronic Arts prefers to forgo the release of a “Wedding” game pack for The Sims 4 in Russia. The promotional video for the pack features a lesbian romance. However, a law that discriminates against LGBT+ people exists in the country.

A “Wedding” pack for The Sims 4 game was presented on February 8, 2022 by Electronic Arts (EA). The following day, the video game company announced that the extension could not see the light of day in a particular country. ” We made the decision not to release this pack in Russia “, can we read in a press release published on February 9.

As The Verge points out, this choice is linked to the existence of very discriminatory legislation against LGBT+ people in Russia. In 2013, the country ratified a piece of legislation presented as banning the “ homosexual propaganda in Russia among minors “: any speech favorable to LGBT+ people is prohibited towards minors. This text, encouraging LGBT+ phobias and violence against this community, has since been severely condemned by the ECHR (European Court of Human Rights) in 2017.

Cam and Dom’s wedding in the promotional video for the expansion. // Source: The Sims YouTube screenshot

The new Sims game pack is due to be made available on February 17, 2022. A promotional video helps to get an idea of ​​the content. ” Choose your witness and get ready to have fun and organize everything “, announces EA in the description. To illustrate the preparation for the party in the game, EA has chosen to highlight a love story between two female characters, Dominique and Camille (Dom and Cam). Their lesbian romance is told through the stages of marriage (visiting places, choosing outfits, rehearsals, etc.).

“Not telling the story of Cam and Dom would have compromised [nos] values ​​»

As we moved forward in our brand development and storytelling process, we realized that the way we wanted to tell Cam and Dom’s story was not something we could freely share around the world. “Laments EA in its press release. ” Not telling Cam and Dom’s story would have compromised the values ​​we hold dear. “, we read a little further. Therefore, this game pack will not be purchasable in Russia, with EA preferring “ give up the release of ‘Marriage’ where [son] story should have been changed due to federal laws “.

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The Sims 4 and its various expansion packs are also sold in Russia, where they include the possibility of homosexual relationships between characters (they are sold to over 18s). The choice not to sell the new extension in Russia has drawn mixed reactions, points out The Verge. EA is showing firmness by refusing to submit to a discriminatory and unfair law. We can nevertheless regret that Russian players who identify as LGBT+ people do not have access to an extension which could be beneficial for them, by bringing more visibility and representativeness.

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