The singer Amir takes the stage in the role of Alfred Nakache, swimming champion with an extraordinary destiny

Amir is going to take his first steps in the theater in “Selected”. Alone on stage, the singer will play from April 26 and for a series of exceptional performances, the swimmer Alfred Nakache, an athlete today little known with a fate as tragic as it is incredible.

Discovered by the general public in The Voice, author of four albums, Amir is about to realize a dream: to get on the boards. “The dream is materializing. Me, the former dentist, who plays at the mythical Théâtre Edouard VII, pinch me”, shared the artist a few weeks ago on his networks. For his first steps in the theatre, he seizes a truly incredible and yet very real story.

Alfred Nakache, a wrongly unsung hero

The story of Alfred Nakache. Swimmer several times champion of France, selected in 1936 to represent France at the Olympic Games in Berlin, before being deported to the Auschwitz camp in 1944, where he lost his wife and his 2-year-old daughter. Survivor of the death camps, he will return to competition, recover his title of champion of France, beat a world record and will be selected again in 1948 for the London Olympics. Exceptional athlete, Jewish resistance fighter under the Vichy regime, denounced by former rivals, the one who was nicknamed the Auschwitz swimmer, died in 1983 after having led so many fights and an extraordinary life that forces the admiration.

A man whose path Amir crossed for the first time in 2016, when he was filming the clip for his hit “J’aicheré” at the Alfred Nakache swimming pool in Paris. At the time, intrigued by this name which was unknown to him, he conducted research and discovered his extraordinary journey. But it is chance that, in 2020, brings them together again when the director Steve Suissa wishes to propose a project to Amir: to interpret the role of an unknown athlete, Alfred Nakache.

A proposal that the 37-year-old singer could not decline and that he will share for eighteen exceptional performances at the Edouard VII theater.

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