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Currently on tour throughout France, Ève Angeli was the victim of a road accident. A collision with a van which took place on August 11 in the company of his mother. On Instagram, the singer did not hesitate to reveal the pictures of her damaged vehicle.

Big fright for Ève Angeli. For the past twenty-one years, the singer never left the stage. Currently crisscrossing France for a series of concerts, the former companion of Michel Rostaing is closer than ever to his audience. But, when she had to go to the scene of her next performance, she was the victim of a road accident. A clash that occurred on Thursday August 11 and which the artist did not hesitate to talk about on his Instagram account the same day. Indeed, it is on the social network that the native of Sète told his misadventure. “More fear than harm… My summer tour continues at top speed and inevitably the chances of having an accident are high. And bam! This morning, a speeding van hit us, my mom and me., she revealed in the caption of photos revealing her dented vehicle. But don’t worry, this accident did not have any serious consequences. Everyone came out safe and sound. A relief for those who have had cosmetic surgery. “Fortunately, apart from the stress of the shock, we are safe and sound, but I was really scared for my momwho was on the driver’s side returning from my concert…”, entrusted Ève Angeli to her community. And to praise the courage of the one who gave him life: “My sweet mom who managed like a lioness. Proud of her heroic reaction, even though I was very shocked by collision.”

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Eve Angeli: her new stage name

With an NRJ Music Award and more than 2 million albums sold, Ève Angeli is an artist with a distinctive stamp. But today it is a new Eve Angeli that the public can discover. In February 2022, on C8, the young woman had indeed confided in wanting to be simply called Eve. “Because it was still very much associated with an image that was not always flattering, I admit it, to which I contributed, I recognize it. JI wanted to leave behind the superfluous, and keep the essentialEve”had thus entrusted the artist in front of the cameras.

On the set of Matthieu Delormeau, Ève Angeli also returned to the glory she had known and the image she had been able to send back. “There is always the other side of the decor, I’ve often been made to look dumber than I actually am and we forget the essential of what I like to do. I was able to get lost at times because I forgot it too and today I am happy to come back and tell myself that I do what I love, I sing, I support animals. Today I can finally say smart thingsand stop being futile, at 42″, she explained. A positive state of mind.

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