the singer hospitalized too late “for lack of space” according to a relative

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On December 28, Linda de Suza died at the age of 74 following a lung infection, which had worsened after she contracted Covid-19. Unfortunately, the singer could not be saved, in particular because of a too late hospitalization according to a relative.

Linda de Suza passed away at 10:10 a.m. on December 28. Made popular in the 1980s, the Portuguese-born singer arrived in France with only luggage “a cardboard suitcase”after fleeing a tyrannical family and her very conservative native country, where single mothers, like her, had no place. After difficult years, where she notably gave in to prostitution to support herself, she met her first success with Portuguese in 1978, before filling the Olympia a few years later. “She told us that she knew she was going to die”, thus confided a relative after the announcement of his disappearance, while, for several years, Linda de Suza had been suffering from a lung infection linked to smoking. After contracting Covid-19, his health deteriorated. And his late treatment at the hospital did not help.

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For lack of spacehe was impossible to hospitalize her in the service that could have helped him”thus entrusted his agent Fabien Lecoeuvre on BFMTV, who specified that she had finally been transferred to the hospital of Gisors the day of her death. “Her transfer was made at 8 a.m. and she left us at 10:10 a.m.”he thus specified, deploring a “lack of staff” in the hospital. “Everyone is affected today, regardless of the person who is weakened by an illness”, he added. Ruined because of her ex-companion, Linda de Suza has however in recent years been able to count on the support of those close to her, such as that of her son João Lança and his agent, to whom she had expressed her last wishes before her death. death: that of being placed in a convent where to end her days, while she had become very religious.

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Linda de Suza buried on January 6

It is on January 6, 2023 that the funeral of the singer will take place in Gisors, announced her son in a press release relayed on social networks. The opportunity for him to express a particular will to the people who will make the trip to pay a last tribute to Linda de Suza: that of not offering any plaque, just natural flowers to say goodbye to her. And more particularly red carnations, which were, it seems, flowers much appreciated by the singer, in reference to the Carnation Revolution, which took place in April 1974, and which ended almost forty years Salazarist dictatorship in Portugal.

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