the singer mortified 20 years later by this detail of the Star Academy video portrait

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Jenifer shocked by rediscovering a very misogynistic detail in her portrait for the Star Academy!

In October 2022, the star Academy was making a comeback on TF1 to the delight of fans of the show. But in reality, it was indeed 2001 that the famous tele-hook was launched for the very first on TV. The opportunity to discover budding young singers, including the talented Jenniferwhich is none other than the big winner of this first season. The 40-year-old singer was also one of Laurent Ruquier’s guests on the set of TV kids, this Sunday, January 29, on France 2, and she did not escape the rituals of period images generally broadcast to tease the guests. Except that this time, failing to make the audience laugh, the unveiled video took aback the personalities present. And for good reason, by reviewing his portrait for the star Academywe see that on the opening image of the video, is indicated his chest circumference.

Indeed, the production had taken care to mention his measurements on the report dedicated to him: “90C” is thus specified next to his height and weight. A “detail” which outraged the guests of Laurent Ruquier, who described it as totally misogynistic. Today, after the #MeToo movement which took on global dimensions in 2017, and all the sexual assault and inappropriate behavior exposed to the eyes of the world, it would be unthinkable to see such a thing on TV again.

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A personal technique

In November 2022, Jenifer confided in Hélène Mariano on her show On weekends with…, broadcast on TMC. The opportunity for the singer to look back on her childhood and adolescence, a time when she already saw herself at the top of the bill! “I loved to singbut in a very personal way“, she had indicated. And for good reason, the star listened to artists like Whitney Houston and Stevie Wonder, as well as Janis Joplin, on repeat. “I learned to sing to them“! And when it came to copying the famous hoarse tone of Janis Joplin, Jenifer used all the stratagems: “I was screaming on purpose in a cushion to make my voice completely scratchy“.”And I forced myself to smoke cigarettes and gargling my grandfather’s anisette to get his voice, but it never worked“. A bygone period but which still amuses the one who is now just as famous as her idols!

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