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Famous singer Patricia Kaas unveils a huge tattoo and has fans reacting on social networks.

At 55, the famous interpreter of My man strayed a bit from the music. Indeed, since the release of her album which bears her name in 2016, Patricia Kaas no longer resumed her micry. To the chagrin of his fans around the world! Despite this radio silence, she continues to make a few rare appearances on social networks. Something to reassure its millions of subscribers who follow it very closely! This Friday, August 12, Patricia Kaas therefore wanted to share her news on Instagram.

She first posted a picture of herself with prescription glasses. Like many people, the famous singer seems to have some sight problems. “New glasses, maybe” she wrote in the caption of her post. And if she thought she didn’t like her glasses, her fans were there to reassure her. Indeed, the new photo of Patricia Kaas was unanimous with her fans who did not hesitate to compliment her in comments. Most of 1,500 likes also testify to their validation of her new bespectacled look. But that’s not all, a second photo made the singer’s 28,000 subscribers react a lot. And for good reason: she reveals a superb tattoo that does not leave you indifferent.

Patricia Kaas: an artistic forearm

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In her second photo posted on Instagram, Patricia Kaas unveils her forearm and her left hand. The singer shows a huge ring in the shape of a tarantula and gives a middle finger in passing. “Just for fun” she wrote in the caption of her post. But it was neither the middle finger nor the surprising ring that made the singer’s fans react. Indeed, the latter are mainly focused on his tattooed forearm. Patricia Kaas has indeed opted for a cuff with geometric shapes and flowers. You should know that this tattoo is nothing new. Patricia Kaas did it two years ago. Some fans do not seem to validate his tattoo. “Ah no, it’s not possible!”, “Is the tattoo permanent?”, “Help !” can we read in the comments. You should know that this imposing tattoo is far from being the singer’s first. In 2017 she revealed a photo of her back getting a tattoo. She would also have other small tattoos on her body. Other fans preferred not to comment on his body drawings, but rather ask him about his possible musical return! For now, impossible to know if she plans to release a new album. We cross fingers !

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