“The Sinner”: Netflix series ends after season four

“The Sinner”
Netflix series ends after season four

For Bill Pullman aka Harry Ambrose, the journey with “The Sinner” ends after the fourth season.

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The Netflix series “The Sinner” ends surprisingly after the fourth season, which is currently being broadcast for the first time in the USA.

Germany has to be patient at the moment, in the USA the new episodes of the fourth season of “The Sinner” have been flickering on TV screens since October 13th. But now it is clear: No further season is planned for the Netflix series. As reported by “Deadline”, the finale of the current fourth season will also be the series finale.

“It was a great pleasure and a privilege to tell the kind of stories we had on ‘The Sinner’ for the last four seasons,” says series creator and producer Derek Simonds as saying. He is looking forward to “completing Harry Ambrose’s dramatic series arc the way we imagined it would be”. It was an “unbelievable journey”.

Detective Harry Ambrose, the main character of the series, was played by Bill Pullman (67) from the first season. In each season, this cleared up an extraordinary case, especially that of Cora Tannetti, who was played by Jessica Biel (39). In season two everything revolved around little Julian, embodied by Elisha Henig (17). Matt Bomer, 44, aka Jamie, presented the detective with a new riddle in season three.

That’s what the fourth and final season is all about

In the final episodes, the already retired Harry Ambrose and his partner Sonya (Jessica Hecht, 56) are drawn to Hanover Island in northern Maine for a short vacation. There, however, an unexpected tragedy occurs that affects the daughter of a prominent island family. Ambrose is charged with helping the investigation into what will turn his life upside down again.

In the USA, the series finale has been announced for December 1, 2021. In the coming month, the new episodes could also be available in this country.


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