The smartphone killer is already dead and almost buried

We were promised a smartphone killer, a revolutionary device that would change the way we use technology. But after reading the Humane Ai Pin review by The Verge, we can tell you that the alleged assassin is already dead and almost buried.

Humane Ai Pin // Source: The Verge

The Humane Ai Pin caused a lot of discussion when it was announced, just like the Rabbit r1. This is called a wearable AI device.

In summary, two former Apple employees created the Ai Pin, a small box without a screen that hangs close to the heart. Five years of work, 240 million dollars raised and 25 patents later, they presented this object to us, with the support of a few giants like OpenAI, Microsoft, Google, Slack and Tidal. But as expected, it was too good to be true.

Humane Ai Pin // Source: The Verge

After testing the Humane AI Pin, the journalist from The Verge, David Pierce, is categorical: this device supposed to replace our smartphone is not up to the task. In his press review, he explains in detail the reasons for his final verdict.

Humane Ai Pin // Source: The Verge

A device still too limited

As a reminder, the Humane Ai Pin is a small portable device that works using a 4G and ChatGPT connection. It is designed to answer our questions and execute our commands by voice, without needing to use a screen. You can use it to make calls, send messages, take notes, calculate tips… request information. It can take photos and videos, but also project an image in the palm of your hand using a projector.

The idea behind the Humane Ai Pin is simple: it’s a phone without a screen. Instead of asking you to open apps and type on a keyboard, this wearable device abstracts everything behind an AI assistant and an operating system called CosmOS.

But according to David Pierce, the device is still far too limited to replace our smartphone. He explains that the Humane AI Pin is “so flawed and so utterly broken in so many unacceptable ways” that he can’t recommend anyone buy it.

The problem is that the Humane AI Pin just doesn’t work. It uses a cellular connection (only through T-Mobile, which is annoying) to be online all the time and a network of AI models to try to answer your questions and carry out your commands. But most of the time he doesn’t do anything. (…) There are too many basic things he can’t do, too many things he doesn’t do well enough, and too many things he does well but only sometimes. I’m running out of ideas to name just one thing he does really well.

He accumulates faults, starting with his slowness in answering questions. The ergonomics of the device are also far from perfect, with gestures that are not very intuitive to master. As for performance, it is disappointing and the device tends to heat up too much.

The picoprojector, for its part, is of little use and only broadcasts a monochrome image, which limits its interest. Finally, the autonomy of the device is mediocre and its price much too high for what it really offers.

Bugs and missing features

The journalist encountered many bugs during his test. For example, the device often has difficulty understanding voice commands, and sometimes it may not respond at all. Additionally, some basic features are missing, such as the ability to check emails or browse the internet.

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David Pierce also points out that the device is often slow and frustrating to use. He explains that even when the Humane Ai Pin is working properly, it is often faster and easier to use your smartphone.

A high price for an incomplete device

The Humane AI Pin costs $699, plus $24 per month for cellular. According to David Pierce, this price is far too high for such an incomplete and buggy device.

He concludes his test by explaining that the Humane Ai Pin is an interesting concept, but that it will be necessary to wait for the AI ​​models to improve and the bugs to be fixed before this type of device can become a viable alternative. to our smartphone.

In the meantime, it is better to keep our smartphone and wait for technology to progress further before embarking on the Humane Ai Pin adventure. We still hope to have the opportunity to test it to form our own opinion.

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