The Snat rejects the draft budget of the Scu, new 49.3 in sight

The Senate on Tuesday rejected the 2023 Social Security draft budget, annoyed that the government had swept aside its emblematic amendments on the retirement age in particular, a rejection which paved the way for the final adoption of the text by 49.3 l ‘Assemble.

The upper house, majority on the right, approved by 264 against 65 a preliminary motion refusing to proceed to a new reading of the draft budget in order to mark our differences on the form and on the substance, explained the centrist rapporteur Elisabeth Doineau.

With this vote, the Senate decides that there is no need to continue the deliberation on the social security financing bill for 2023. The text is considered rejected, explained the president of the session Pascale Gruny (LR).

The systematic use by the government of the procedure defined in Article 49 paragraph 3 of the Constitution will not allow the integration, in final reading, of new proposals from the Senate, deplored the senators.

This constitutional weapon, which could be activated Wednesday before the Assembly for the seventh time on a budget text, should allow the government to have the text approved definitively in the coming days.

All the work of the oppositions for a week in the Senate was swept away, protested the socialist Bernard Jomier, just like the LR Corinne Imbert for whom the 49.3 turns everything upside down.

We were reaching out to you by choosing the path of reason and you prefer a navel-gazing posture which does not bode well for the next texts, she affirmed, addressing Genevive Darrieussecq, the Minister Delegate in charge of People handicapped.

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In the presidential majority, Martin Lvrier was pleased, on the other hand, that the raising of the retirement age to 64 years was not retained. The government is engaged in consultation with the social partners, he recalled.

At first reading, the Senate had notably adopted the raising of the retirement age and the cancellation of the collection of contributions to the Agirc-Arrco supplementary pension plan at Urssaf.

He had also voted for an exceptional contribution from medical analysis laboratories in the amount of 250 million euros, presented as fairer than the savings that the government always intends to impose on them, despite a massive strike.

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