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The ZDFinfo show “The SS – Power and Myth” is all about the rise of the SS. We’ll show you the broadcast dates and stream availability.

The six-part ZDFinfo documentary “The SS – Power and Myth” tells of the rise of the SS, from an insignificant guard to Hitler’s most important instrument of power.

We then listed the broadcast dates in an overview. If you missed an episode, it’s worth taking a look at the broadcaster’s online media library.

The SS – power and myth

In a nutshell, the most important information about the broadcaster, broadcasting time, broadcasting dates and availability of streams for The SS – Power and Myth.

  • The SS – power and myth runs on ZDFinfo
  • The SS – Power and Myth can be received as a stream
  • There are no new episodes in September and October
  • There are also no replays shown
  • Individual episodes are available in the media library

Broadcast dates and times of “The SS – Power and Myth”

currently become no new episodes of The SS – Power and Myth aired. However, you can watch reruns on TV. In principle, these run on ZDFinfo, but we also show you the broadcast dates of other stations here.



at the 09/24/2022 around 08:15 watch

The SS – epitome of terror and death under the swastika. The film shows the rise of the SS from an insignificant guard force to Hitler’s most important instrument of power. No area of ​​the Nazi state remains untouched: SS chief Heinrich Himmler extends the influence of his black order to the economy, society and culture. The film shows secret documents that shed light on the aggressive increase in power of the SS. The lives of many SS leaders contradict the legend of the disciplined and virtuous elite Nazis spread by Himmler’s propaganda. The SS weekly newspaper “Das Schwarze Korps” reveals a lot about the distorted self-image of the SS: as an elite Aryan association that includes the whole family. Nazi kitsch such as crockery and porcelain figurines from the SS-owned Allach manufactory are intended to create identity – just like the rituals of the pseudo-religious cult, which SS boss Himmler personally takes care of. The victims of the SS pay the price. The porcelain figurines from Allach, popular with SS families, are made by forced laborers in concentration camps. The true core of the SS is revealed in the concentration camps: brutal terror, ruthless exploitation, genocide. The SS – Hitler’s executioners, the deadliest organization in world history. The six-part documentary project reveals how the black order’s inhuman world view turns hundreds of thousands of Germans into perpetrators.

2022-09-24T08:15 2022-09-24T09:00 ZDF info



at the 09/24/2022 around 09:00 watch

Heinrich Himmler – a man driven by Germanism, dreams of settlers and racial fanaticism. The film exposes the supposed “Reichsheini” as the fanatical main perpetrator of the Holocaust. His inconspicuous appearance deceives many a rival. In truth, Himmler is a cold-blooded tactician, a networker of power in the Nazi Reich. His ideas to strengthen the “Aryan race” for a greater Germanic empire lead to mass murder and suffering for millions. The documentation uses new sources such as the SS chief’s service calendar to reveal his motives. The qualified agricultural economist dreams of a life as a settler. He had a “herb garden” laid out in the Dachau concentration camp. Concentration camp prisoners have to help research vitamins, medicinal plants and natural cultivation. Organic farming under the banner of the SS. Himmler’s primary interest, however, is not health or nature, but rather the crude idea of ​​the perpetual struggle of the races, which he compulsively wants to transfer to people. His specially founded association “Ahnenerbe” is to look for evidence of early Aryan times that are supposed to prove the superiority of the “Nordic race”. Himmler’s racial fanaticism went so far that he had a say in his SS men’s choice of brides and had thousands of blond children kidnapped in Poland. At the end there is the crime against humanity, the Holocaust.

2022-09-24T09:00 2022-09-24T09:43 ZDF info



at the 09/24/2022 around 09:45 watch

Reinhard Heydrich was once considered a model Nazi: blond, tall, daring. In truth, he is the ruthless executor of the Holocaust. In the end, his own arrogance becomes his undoing. After being thrown out of the Navy in 1931, Heydrich did everything in his power to pursue a career. As head of the SS secret service, he builds up the regime’s terror apparatus. The assassins who killed him in 1942 had no idea that he played a central role in mass murder. Heydrich’s striving for power knows no bounds. At the Wannsee Conference in January 1942, he presented himself as the organizer of the “final solution”. A few months earlier he had been appointed “Deputy Reich Protector of Bohemia and Moravia”. Always at his side: his wife Lina, a convinced National Socialist like her husband. Heydrich is an ambitious sportsman and plays the violin like a virtuoso. His subordinates regard him as humorless and cold. In the Czech Republic, Heydrich is supposed to boost armaments production. As the “Deputy Reich Protector” he considers himself unassailable – and forgoes personal protection. That will be his undoing. Czechoslovak resistance fighters assassinate him on May 27 in the Prague suburbs. Heydrich dies a few days later. The Nazis’ retaliation was brutal: two villages were razed to the ground, thousands of innocent people were murdered. The German revenge campaign went down in Czech history as the “Heydrichiade”. “In honor” of the killed Obergruppenfuhrer, the SS called the first major murder operation in the extermination camps of the East “Operation Reinhardt”.

2022-09-24T09:45 2022-09-24T10:30 ZDF info

More repetitions in the next few days

ZDF info

09/24/2022 10:30 am

War 2022-09-24T10:30 2022-09-24T11:15 ZDF info The Waffen SS – stylized by propaganda as a military elite. In fact, the SS soldiers stand for war crimes and high casualties….
ZDF info

09/24/2022 11:15 am

Skull 2022-09-24T11:15 2022-09-24T12:00 ZDF info The Holocaust is only made possible by the moral failure of tens of thousands of SS men and women. The murderers act out of fanatical hatred -…
ZDF info

09/24/2022 12:00 p.m

perpetrator hunt 2022-09-24T12:00 2022-09-24T12:45 ZDF info After 1945, most SS perpetrators evade responsibility. Through denial, new identities or fleeing to South America. secret…

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The SS – Power and Myth Preview / Spoilers

What’s next for The SS – Power and Myth? You can read about it here in our preview. But be warned: spoiler alert. If we know the information about the next episodes of Die SS – Macht und Mythos, you will see them at the top of the broadcast dates list. Providers such as RTL+ and Joyn offer episodes for some series and shows in their own live TV apps a few days before the TV broadcast. In that case, you can see them exclusively online beforehand.

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