“The Stars ‘Summer House”: The residents’ love stories

“The summer house of the stars”
The love stories of the residents

Almklausi and Maritta Krehl before moving into the “Summer House of the Stars”.


The sixth “Sommerhaus” season starts on October 5th. Which celebrity couples are there and what is the story behind their relationship?

From October 5th (RTL or via TVNow) prominent couples are moving to the “summer house of the stars” again. In the sixth season, nine duos face the fight in Bocholt. Who is there and what love stories do the couples bring with them?

A “Love Island” couple competes

In the midst of the corona pandemic, ex-VIVA moderator Mola Adebisi (48) and Adelina Zilai (33) have found each other. The two have now been in a relationship for around a year, but have known each other for 15 years. The ex-jungle camper and the theology student and personal trainer now want to make it onto the “Sommerhaus” winner’s podium. They do not see their young relationship as a disadvantage: “We are a good couple, we knew that from the first second – we fit together well, we are a team. The others are surely also and they only wash with water.” , explains Adebisi in an interview with RTL and reveals something the couple have in common: “We are not fanatically religious, but religion helps us to cope.”

Samira (24) and Yasin Cilingir (30) will also move in. The couple met in 2019 on the RTLzwei dating show “Love Island”. It moved in together and announced the engagement in January 2020. The announcement of pregnancy followed in July of the same year. At the beginning of February 2021 they celebrated a small wedding and have been parents since December 2020. The couple describe themselves as very tough. “We have a little fighter at home, so we fight for him and that motivates us. We are also a married couple who are really strong,” explains Samira.

Transgender model Benjamin Ryan Melzer (34) and Elisabeth Marie Hofbauer (25) also see themselves as a strong team. “We have already gone through hell together. The ‘summer house’ will be easy for us, because as a team we are so much better than alone,” says Melzer. Sissi Hofbauer, sister of ex- “Bachelorette” Anna Hofbauer (33), met her fiancé Ben, who started gender reassignment measures at the age of 23, as a man and has now been with him for over two years. The couple have been engaged since March 2021 and enjoy life with Paco, the dog.

Actors and TV emigrants are there

Why are pop singers Almklausi (52) and Mrs. Maritta (35) moving into the celebrity flat share? “We accept the project because we really want to come out again after nine years, to act as a partner, play games, 24/7 without children and just concentrate on each other again,” explains Maritta in advance. She hopes that it will be a gain for her marriage and that it will not bring any setbacks. The “Mama Laudaaa” interpreter and the 35-year-old have been in a relationship for almost nine years and have been married since 2015. The engagement took place at a concert by the 52-year-old. The two have a son named Lauri, who was born in 2018.

Actors Roland Heitz (63) and Janina Korn (37) enjoyed a meal together, and the two have been a couple for over a year. The age difference of 26 years does not matter to them. Why are the two moving into the “summer house”? “Adventure first and foremost, fame and of course money – we have to win, we need the money,” explains Heitz.

“Unter uns” star Lars Steinhöfel (35) and Dominik Schmitt (31) met via Instagram and have been a couple for four years. “The games will be a tough test for us,” explains Schmitt. Nevertheless, the two are sure: “We are predestined to win the ‘summer house’ because we have brains and also have the athletic ambition.” And: “We want to build a nest from the ‘summer house’ fee and also have a child at some point,” explains Steinhöfel, who plays Easy in RTL-Daily.

“Goodbye Germany” stars Peggy Jerofke (45) and Stephan Jerkel (53) will be their roommates. In 1998 the couple met in Arenal, in 2009 they emigrated to Mallorca and opened a Greek restaurant there, which was followed by several bars. Since 2014, TV viewers have been watching the emigrants on the VOX program “Goodbye Germany!”. Jerkel is certain: “We have been together for 23 years. The ‘summer house’ will not separate us, no matter what.”

The summer house curse “will not hit us because we are newly married and have already experienced much worse things,” emphasizes reality TV star Mike Cees-Monballijn (33). “The summer house will certainly weld our marriage together even harder.” He has been in a relationship with actress Michelle Monballijn (42) since spring 2020. The relationship caused a stir. In the Swiss edition of “Die Bachelorette” 2020 Mike still fought for the heart of Chanelle Wyrsch. In the end, however, Michelle became his chosen one, to whom he has even been married since February 11, 2021.

Jana Pallaske (42) and her friend Sascha Girndt (44) are also latecomers. The Berliner has been with her partner since 2018, a man who RTL introduces as Head Stunt Rigger, i.e. stunt coordinator. The two, who are very spiritual, got to know each other during a retreat. The couple have a long-distance relationship on a regular basis.

TV dates for “Summer House of the Stars”

On Tuesdays, “Das Sommerhaus der Stars” is broadcast as an XXL episode from 8:15 pm to 11:30 pm (first episode) and then until 11 pm, interrupted by “RTL Direkt”. On Wednesdays the show runs from 8:15 p.m. to 10:15 p.m. A regular episode can be seen three times on Thursday from 8:15 pm to 9:15 pm, followed by “The Stars’ Summer House – The Live Talk” with Frauke Ludowig (57) until 10:15 pm.

The final will flicker on the TV screens on Thursday, October 28, 2021 at 8:15 p.m. Then it will be decided who will be “The Celebrity Couple 2021” and will win the prize of 50,000 euros.


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