The stock exchange day: Online pharmacy Zur-Rose-Gruppe is growing in all markets

The stock market day
Online-Apotheke Zur Rose Group is growing in all markets

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The online pharmacy Zur Rose Group has exceeded its growth target for 2020 thanks to continued strong development, especially in its German business. When the sales figures were presented, the company confirmed that it should achieve a balanced, adjusted Ebitda before spending on additional growth projects. The medium-term outlook was also confirmed.

Sales climbed in 2020, including the acquired online mail order companies Medpex and Apotal, in local currency by 14.4 percent to 1.72 billion Swiss francs. The company had targeted growth of over 10 percent. Sales grew around 3 percent faster than the consensus of the analysts expected. It can be assumed that the company with a swing into the new year started. The share is up 2 percent in early trading, while the shares of the competitor Shop Apotheke also rose slightly.