The story of Lamb Chop, voted cutest shelter dog

Before being adopted by his current mistress, Lamb Chop lived on a farm where she was abused. In a competition to raise awareness about adoption and animal abuse, she was voted the cutest of all.

Today, Lamb Chop is spending happy days with his mistress, Christin Schubert. She was adopted in 2014 from a refuge in Slinger (United States), run by the Washington County Humane Society association. Before her new life, the little dog lived for many years in intensive breeding, where she was abused.

For at least 6 years Lamb Chop lived in a "puppy mill". In these intensive breeding, bitches have to give birth to very many litters, which considerably affects their health, explains his mistress to People. "When she was rescued, the vets (at the shelter) had to remove all of her teeth because they were rotten", she recalls. She also had a serious ear problem and several tumors had to be removed, due to medical negligence in the farm. When Christin Schubert met her at the shelter, she immediately fell under his spell, and decided to adopt him. “I couldn't get her home right away, as she had to have all of these operations, and the Washington County Humane Society used a significant portion of their medical funds to take care of her. am really grateful. This is a small, small refuge that I think does a very good job with the animals. ", she says.

When Lamb Chop came to live with Christin Schubert, she was still having severe anxiety attacks from the treatment she had suffered for years, and did not know how to interact with other dogs. Not to mention that she was afraid of humans. Today, her mistress says that she is doing much better, and that she is less anxious than six years ago. It must be said that she did everything possible to help her little dog, in particular by taking lessons from specialized educators so that she regains confidence in humans.

If Lamb Chop is talking about her, it's because she obtained the title of "Cutest refuge dog" in the competition organized by the magazine People and the Pedigree brand to raise public awareness of animal abuse. Her goal is to promote adoption so that farms like the one where the winner grew up stop operating. His mistress thus won a year of dog food but, above all, a check for 1000 dollars to give to the animal welfare association of his choice. Christin Schubert has decided to give half of it to the shelter that saved his dog, and the other part to the NGO Bailing Out Benji, which pleads for adoption by denouncing the actions of intensive breeding and by educating the population. on this phenomenon.

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