the strange behavior of Delphine a few hours before her disappearance


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New developments in the Jubillar affair. The day of her disappearance, Delphine had an appointment with her bank and the financial motive seems to be of increasing concern to the gendarmes.

The disappearance of Delphine Jubillar, on the night of December 15, 2020, continues to upset all French people. If for the moment her husband, Cédric Jubillar, seems to be the main suspect in the case, he has nevertheless always denied his involvement in this mysterious disappearance and proclaimed his innocence. Despite a lot of research and a thorough investigation by the gendarmes, the young nurse, aged 33 at the time of the tragedy, still remains untraceable. But, more than nine months after giving his last sign of life, new elements were discovered by the police. According to The Dispatch, the mother of two is said to have behaved strangely on December 15.

The gendarmes of the Toulouse research section are now wondering about a new motive concerning this disappearance which looks like a crime. Would the money have been the trigger? While Cédric and Delphine Jubillar were in the process of divorce, the mother had made an appointment with her bank on the day of her disappearance. By dissecting the couple’s accounts, the gendarmes discovered that the nurse had had the secret codes of her bank card changed in order to make it impossible for her husband to use it. During this meeting at her bank branch in Albi, Delphine Jubillar also took the opportunity to close the couple’s joint account. Disturbingly, she had another date scheduled for December 18, three days later, to finalize these changes.

The preferred financial motive

The financial motive seems to tighten in the minds of the gendarmes. Did Cédric Jubillar have committed the irreparable after his wife refused him access to his accounts? For several months, money had been at the heart of the couple’s concerns, as they struggled to make ends meet, and this subject had even led them into turmoil. Moreover, the evening of the disappearance of the nurse, a violent argument would have exploded within the couple. The main suspect himself recognized it during his first statements to the gendarmes.

Nevertheless, Cédric Jubillar persists and proclaims his innocence in the disappearance of his wife. The husband’s lawyers assure that their client was not living “crochet “ by Delphine Jubillar. “He was working in December 2020, and even if he drew a little money from the children’s book, he took particular care to repay the amount borrowed each time, and even beyond“, declared Me Alexandre Martin to The Dispatch.

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For his part, the lawyer for the children of Cédric and Delphine Jubillar hopes that these new discoveries will provide answers to all these mysteries. “You have to take into account everything that happened on that day, including the meeting at Delphine Jubillar’s bank to try to get an explanation from her husband. He owes them to his children“, meanwhile estimated Laurent Boguet.

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