The subsidy for the purchase of electric bicycles in Île-de-France is decreasing, but there is good news

The electric bike continues to progress in Île-de-France, with more and more Ile-de-France households equipped. As Le Parisien explains, if the subsidy from Île-de-France Mobilités (IDFM) for the purchase of these bikes will increase from 500 to 400 euros from April 20, it will now be combined with aid from other communities, thus offering greater financial support for some.

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The bad news: the subsidy from Île-de-France Mobilités (IDFM) for the purchase of an electric bike will go from 500 to 400 euros from April 20, 2023. The good news: it will now be combined with aid from other communities.

In addition to this change, IDFM is also announcing new specific grant programs for young people and small businesses. Aid of 100 euros will be granted to 15-25 year olds for the purchase of a bicycle without electric assistanceand SMEs will be able to benefit from a boost of 150 euros per year for the rental of an electric bicycle for their employees.

IDFM will also support cyclists wishing to convert their traditional bicycle into an electrically assisted model. thanks to a conversion kit. To do this, aid of 200 euros will be granted for the purchase of these devices, which must be installed by authorized dealers. These kits make it possible to add a motor and a battery to a classic bicycle, thus providing electric assistance to the bicycle.

In addition, from July 2023, IDFM’s long-term rental service, Véligo, will offer 1,000 cargo bikes for hire, thus meeting a growing demand for these family models.

Finally, as part of the Vélo Île-de-France (VIF) project, whose construction of 720 kilometers of cycle routes has started timidly, meetings will be organized before the summer in order to remove the obstacles encountered. The objective is to see the first operational axes from 2024.

How to find it?

Faced with the multitude of assistance offered for the purchase or rental of electric and mechanical bicycles, it can be difficult to navigate and determine which ones you are eligible for. Fortunately, the site simplifies this task by offering an overview of the aid available according to your place of residence.

In a few clicks, you can consult the grants and support programs offered by the various communities and organizations, allowing you to benefit from the best financial support for adopting a bicycle.

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