The sulphurous troupe of “Soy de Cuba” returns with a new dance show

The “Soy de Cuba” troupe returns to Paris, four years after the success of their show with dancer Ayala Yanetsy. The new show “Viva la Vida”, at the Casino de Paris, is worth the detour.

It was in 2017 that dancer Ayala Yanetsy shone brightly in Soy from Cuba, a Cuban dance performance. The show was directly inspired by his experience. From June 3, 2021, Soy from Cuba come back with “Viva la Vida”, at the Casino de Paris. This time around, Ayala Yanetsy will find herself in a love triangle with Oscar and Jesus, two boxers who work in the cigar factory. Soy from Cuba, it’s a solar show about young talents, torn between friendship and love, but after all why choose? This show, directed by the brilliant Michael Xerri and Julie Dayan, is also a story of ambition and passion. Enough to take us to Havana without leaving France.

An impeccable cast

Ayala Yanetsy had won over many French spectators with this story inspired by her experience. This time, she is accompanied by an equally remarkable duet of dancers. Oscar’s performer, for example, Osmani Montero Hernandez, is the winner of the Cuban version of Dance with the stars, 2018 edition. And when it comes to music, we’re served! The production enlisted the services of talented singer Solangel Fernandez with the track “You there yo. “ A frenzied foretaste of the atmosphere of the upcoming show: we are directly immersed in Havana but also, and above all, in this heartbreaking and sexy love triangle at the same time. All this is without counting the choreographies, signed Dieser Serrano Garcia. The 14 dancers, who were already working mainly on the previous part of Soy from Cuba, excellent and this, thanks also to singers and musicians who play live on stage.

A 100% Cuban troop

If this casting works so well on stage, it’s because all the members of the troupe get along so well. We assure you, for having met them in Havana, Cuba, and for having attended the rehearsals of the show: the complicity is at its height. Some dancers have known each other even since childhood, as is the case with Osmani Montero Hernandez and Jesus Bruzon San Juan, for example. Others were already present on the 2017 version of Soy from Cuba. In reality, this troupe of artists is a big family and it is noticeable on stage! The benevolent and warm atmosphere is transparent and reflects, in the end, the state of mind of Cuba and its inhabitants. Soy from Cuba is a French production, certainly, but authentic, because the whole troupe is from the island. If the pandemic limits us on the travel side, we reassure you: the reopening of theaters could well take you very far. This new show is proof of that.

Soy from Cuba, viva la vida at the Casino de Paris
From June 3 to 30, 2021 at the Casino de Paris, possible extensions until July 18.

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