“The super talent”: Lukas Podolski balances over Lego bricks

“The Super talent”
Lukas Podolski balances over Lego bricks

Michael Michalsky and Lukas Podolski (r.) Dare to walk barefoot over the Lego bricks.

© Stefan Gregorowius

He has already revealed what footballer Lukas Podolski is looking forward to most at the “Supertalent” show on Saturday.

In addition to Riccardo Simonetti (28), Chantal Janzen (42) and Michael Michalsky (57), Lukas Podolski (36) will also be part of the “Supertalent” jury this Saturday (November 6th).

He’s looking forward to the show said Podolski according to a press release. “For many it is of course the chance to achieve something, to win the thing, to pocket a bit of money and then maybe move on. I look forward to the talent. That is the most important thing about the show. that people inspire us. “

Eight kilometers over Lego bricks

In the show, he can be inspired by a memory trainer who wants to memorize the names and dates of birth of hundreds of spectators in the hall. About a “bad boy of sorcery” who puts his health on the line for a trick. And from an Italian who is working on a record attempt to walk barefoot over Lego bricks for more than eight kilometers.

As the broadcaster further announced, the audience can also look forward to private insights into Podolski’s life. For example, he reports that he will not give his son Louis Podolski (13) any career pressure: “Everyone says: He has to, he has to. But he doesn’t have to do anything. If he becomes a craftsman, then he becomes a craftsman.”


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