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The singer Zazie was forced to move for a rather surprising reason! She confides.

“Everything I say is true”. Zazie is now well known to the general public. At 58, the French singer has a great career to his credit and is not about to stop! She has just unveiled a surprise mini opus with four exclusive tracks from her next album. The opportunity for the French artist to go around the media to promote his novelties. On Friday, September 23, she was on the airwaves of RFM in the program Le Meilleur des awakenings.

The one who silenced critics about her hair change took the opportunity to tell the story of her tube let it shine. The coach of The Voice explains that it is his “moving song”. Zazie specifies on the radio that everything she says in this piece is inspired by real events. “Everything is true in what I say. I moved a year ago and moved again less than a month ago. I can not stand it anymore” says the singer. In its title, the French artist sings “Isn’t it over soon? All this din, this din. Some sleep at night. Not me, no way to stop.”

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Zazie: “I made a mistake”

The singer therefore confessed that his neighbors were tired of hearing him sing. So much so that they even ended up breaking down his front door! Even if he was only 6 p.m. at the time of the events, the latter could no longer take his music. Zazie was therefore forced to find new accommodation. “I made a mistake. I forgot that the problem of the musician in a city is the neighbours” she confides. Faced with her door smashed in so early, the singer does not really understand the reaction of her neighbors. “It’s not thunderous either, what” she let go. But She seems to have finally found the solution! “After the first confinement, I bought a house there. I wanted the tip of a spike. There is a lighthouse, the sea all around, it blows, it changes colors every five seconds, it’s magnificent! I took my piano there and set it up with a view of the bay” she explains in the columns of Parisian on September 22. “The problem is that as soon as I do three notes, I think it’s great, but when I do them again in Paris, it’s not the same.” she admits. Zazie does so return trips between Brittany and Paris, but would like to find a corner for her where she won’t disturb anyone.

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