The Taxi Life simulation will launch its meter in 2023

A Polish studio specializing in simulation, Simteract had already signed a publishing contract with the publisher Nacon for Train Life, a railway simulator (which is also going to version 1.0 next week) joining the family of ” Life” from the team (Chef Life – A Restaurant Simulator and Hotel Life – A Resort Simulator, both also planned for next year). This is now also the case for Taxi Life: A City Driving Simulationin the old days Urban Venturewhich will expand this same catalog in 2023.

In the latter, we will embody a daily taxi-man, earning his living in the streets of Barcelona. Nothing will be spared him: hellish traffic jams on the Ramblas, capricious weather, road accidents, unpleasant customers… Never mind, he can, in addition to driving his vehicle, hold the spittoon with his passengers, just to talk about the rain and the good weather or even the match the day before. If the game is primarily intended as a driving simulation, it also aspires to introduce us to the life of an entrepreneur, since it will also be possible to create a company, hire drivers or even negotiate with a mechanic to repair our equipment.

To complete its reproduction of Barcelona on a 1:1 scale, Simteract is giving itself another year, and does not exclude an early access period to give the development of Taxi Live the break-in necessary to emerge brand new from the garage. See you in 2023, on PC and consoles (which are not yet specified).

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