“The ten reasons why we think that all French people should be vaccinated”

Tribune. We are intensivists, resuscitators and resuscitators (MIR), specialists in the most serious patients and most at risk of dying from acute failure of the lungs, kidneys, heart, liver or brain. Our job is to provide acute medicine (diagnosis) and resuscitation (strategies and tools to support organs) while ensuring permanence, continuity and safety of care.

Seventy years after the polio epidemic that gave birth to our specialty, resuscitators have been on the front line for eighteen months now in the face of one of the worst health crises in our history. In France, more than six million patients have been diagnosed with Covid-19 and more than 110,000 perished. The epidemic waves follow one another and each of us, if not immune, can be the vector and the victim of the virus.

Only way out

National solidarity and mutual hospital assistance have been wonderful. If they have limited the damage by making it possible to have one of the lowest mortalities of severe cases on the planet, they have also exhausted healthcare personnel, health resources and have affected the physical and mental health of our fellow citizens. The vaccine then appears the only way to curb the epidemic by immunizing populations.

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This vaccine is a real scientific, medical and societal achievement. It makes it possible to limit serious cases requiring hospitalization or intensive care, reducing the number of deaths, whatever the variant. This glimmer of hope is the only one able to maintain a preventive and curative medicine activity up to the ambitions of the XXI.e century, and the only one to authorize hope. This hope of living normally can only be obtained if all French people are vaccinated. Here are the ten reasons why we believe all French people should be vaccinated:

  • For eighteen months, we have witnessed first-hand how Covid-19 has sickened, killed, damaged the lives of those who survive, affected families and caregivers, and sowed fear in all of us. Patients of all ages went into intensive care, and people of all ages found themselves disabled, isolated, bereaved, sick …
  • For patients in intensive care, Covid-19 is still a long illness. Weeks of fighting the virus and its complications melt muscles and rusty joints. For several weeks, each gesture is a painful effort: sitting down, eating, washing, etc.

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