the tender declaration of Alexandre Kominek to Florence Foresti

This Saturday, February 10, 2024, Alexandre Kominek went to the set of Quelle epoch! on France 2. The opportunity for the young Swiss comedian to talk about his relationship with Florence Foresti with whom he has the perfect love.

A beautiful declaration of love. This Saturday February 10, 2024, Alexandre Kominek was the guest of Léa Salamé in What an era!a talk show broadcast in the second part of the evening on France 2. The companion of Raphaël Glucksmann who also officiates on the airwaves of France Inter received a familiar face on the set of the show since he is a very popular comedian who hosts a column on the same radio station. At 34, this Swiss comedian is one of the current rising stars in the world of stand-up. Since January 2024, Alexandre Kominek has been performing in his new show, Sensitive Bastard, which the young man performs on the European stage and to which access is reserved for those over sixteen. As one might expect, the young comedian’s jokes are quite crude and are essentially focused on sex, but the audience, made up of a majority of women, seems to adhere perfectly to them, believing that the young man knows how to approach the subject to its audience.

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Alexandre Kominek: “The most extraordinary”

Should we see the influence of a female comedian with whom Alexandre Kominek shares his intimacy? Because if at Léa Salamé’s microphone, Alexandre Kominek promoted his current show, he also took the opportunity to confide more about his private life and his relationship with Florence Forestimade official by the two lovebirds in the summer of 2022.

Revelations made within the framework of “The Gad Elmaleh interview” which, as the name suggests, involves conducting a face-to-face interview with the iconic comedian. Asked what he “had Florence Foresti in him”the one who knows how to be very raw during his shows played the romanticism card in front of the cameras of France Televisions. “I have his heart”, he replied before specifying for members of the public and viewers uninformed about his relationship: “She’s my girl.” After which, the young man spoke to tenderly describe the woman with whom he has shared his life for several years now.

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“He is a person I met three and a half years ago and who is exceptional, in terms of work, creativity, laughter, generosity and simplicity. He is truly the most extraordinary person in the world. world”declared Alexandre Kominek on the set of What a time! A beautiful statement no doubt appreciated by the main interested party.

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