The Tesla Model S Plaid gets even closer to a racing car with these new sports seats

Tesla improves driving comfort with new sports seats for its Model S Plaid which may well strengthen its reputation as an electric supercar. This update comes as the car is already famous for its performance comparable to that of the best sports cars.

tesla model s sports seats

There Tesla Model S Throw Blanket is often used to set records against competitors like the Porsche Taycan which is a benchmark in terms of electric performance. With an acceleration of 0 to 100 km/h in only 1.99 secondsit clearly positions itself as a supercar, despite its appearance as a family sedan. This vehicle, which combines technological innovation and extreme poweris frequently chosen by those who wish to combine the comfort of a sedan with the thrill of sports cars.

However, one detail was missing until now to complete your status of supercar: suitable sports seats to his abilities. To remedy this, Tesla recently unveiled bucket seats designed specifically to absorb the phenomenal power of the Model S Plaid. These new seatswith increased lateral support and a modular structure providing comfort and support, allow drivers to fully experience the dynamic capabilities of the vehicle, especially in turns – on the circuit of course.

tesla model s plaidtesla model s plaid

The Model S Plaid accelerates so fast that Tesla decided to integrate driver’s seats

Introduced as standard equipment on the Model S Plaid, these sport seats feature a modular architecture which includes electrical adjustments in 12 directionsA heating and an ventilation. They are also covered with a high performance suede for better grip and weight reduction. This type of equipment therefore follows Tesla’s commitment to providing high performance in a superior comforteven in the most extreme driving conditions.

These new bucket type seats will therefore solve a problem frequently raised by owners of the Model S Plaid: the lack of support lduring tight turns Or sudden braking on circuit. These new sports seats, with their side reinforcements and their suede covering, promise to offer better stability And prevent slipping occupants. They will thus allow more controlled and safer driving during intensive driving sessions.

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