the testimony of a friend contradicts that of Kevin’s mother-in-law

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Leslie Hoorelbeke and Kevin Trompat have been missing since November 25, 2022 after spending an evening at a friend’s house. Another of the guests came out of silence for the first time, and he contradicts Karine Prat’s version.

On the evening of November 25, 2022, a very young couple aged 21 and 22 went to a friend’s house for dinner in Prahecq in Deux-Sèvres. As they leave the party around 3 a.m. to go to sleep barely thirty meters away, they will never be seen again thereafter. This case is full of twists and turns. We first learned various back and forth from the young couple. Leslie with a friend a little further, Kevin for a mysterious appointment. Then the presence for a few hours of Kevin’s mother-in-law, who had come to bring him a large sum of cash. Lately, a new protagonist of the “blanquette evening” has been revealed : it is a neighbor, friend of the host of the dinner. He would have stayed until around midnight.

Until then, the man had not wished to speak. He agreed to say a few words from his doorway to our colleagues from Ouest France. Words that call into question those of Karine Prat, the mother-in-law of Kevin Trompat. She had said on several occasions that the young man had returned from a meeting looking very stressed, even anxious.. Splashing water on her face and saying it didn’t go as planned. It is not the memory of the friend also present at that time.

“He had an appointment but he didn’t tell us why. When he came back, I remember, I was sitting by the TV. I watched videos on my cell phone, on Facebook and TikTok. When Kevin came back, he didn’t seem disturbed to me. For me, everything was normal that night. The man does not wish to say more, not wishing to get involved in this affair.

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The investigation is still ongoing to find Leslie and Kevin

While the young couple has been missing for more than 2 and a half months and the worrying disappearance investigation has been reclassified since December 2022 for acts of kidnapping, detention or sequestration. The investigations are carried out by the criminal investigation center of Poitiers, which remains very discreet about the progress of the case. Many leads and information circulating in the media come from testimonies of the protagonists of the case, but very few of them have been validated by the investigators.

The only elements given by the investigators are the geolocation of Leslie’s mobile phone November 26 around noon in Niort. That of Kevin’s phone, a few days later on the coast, several tens of kilometers away. And finally the mysterious discovery of personal belongings of Leslie and Kevin in a clothes dumpster in Puyravault, Charente-Maritime, on December 8. The families’ lawyers themselves do not have access to the file, and no lead can therefore be completely confirmed or denied.

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