The Texas Chain Saw Massacre: content will be limited to one film, the studio explains why

Sumo Nottingham And Gun Interactive will launch next August The Texas Chain Saw Massacrea horror game gameplay asymmetrical in line with Friday 13: The Game And Dead by Daylight. A title obviously based on the film The Texas Chainsaw MassacreOr Chainsaw Massacre in French.

But unlike Evil Dead: The Game who drew his characters and references from the entire franchise, films and series, The Texas Chain Saw Massacre will focus on the 1974 feature film directed by Tobe Hopper. This can be frustrating for fans of the saga, between more or less canonical sequels and rebootsbut the game director Wes Keltner explain why :

Little reminder. We have the interactive rights to the 1974 movie. We can’t put characters or locations from other Texas Chainsaw Massacre movies because we don’t have those rights.

Requiring us to add them is not the way Hollywood works. Licensing in general is overall a total mess.

My advice to you:

Get hyped for what’s there. Tell everyone you know about it. Post on social media, retweet and discuss the game.

In my experience, Hollywood responds to buzz, not requests.

The Texas Chain Saw Massacre will feature characters from the very first film in the franchise, but if the title works, perhaps the producers of the feature films will be more inclined to negotiate to add content from other films. The Texas Chain Saw Massacre release date is set for August 18, 2023 on PC, PlayStation 4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S, it will be included in the computer/Xbox Game Pass from its launch. You can subscribe to the service Ultimate of Microsoft against €12.99 on Amazon.

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