The theater of Mariupol, which served as a shelter, bombarded, uncertain assessment

The Mariupol theater was destroyed by Russian strikes on Wednesday. The balance sheet is uncertain but survivors, refugees in the shelter of the building, were saved.

Satellite images show it: around the theater of Mariupol, where civilians of this city besieged by the Russian army had taken refuge, the word “CHILDREN” had been written on the ground. But the place was still the target of strikes by the Russian army, according to the Ukrainian authorities. “The invaders destroyed the Dramatic Theater. A place where more than a thousand people had taken refuge. We will never forgive this, ”wrote on Telegram messaging the town hall of Mariupol. “The plane dropped a bomb on the building,” the municipality said. “It is impossible to establish the toll immediately because the bombing of residential areas continues,” she added. “We don’t know yet if we have any injuries or deaths. But it looks like most of them survived and are doing well,” Dmytro Gurin, a Ukrainian elected official whose parents live in Mariupol, told the BBC. “The bomb shelter held and the people who were there survived.”

Before after :Images of Mariupol devastated by the bombardments

The city, besieged since the beginning of the month, had already been the target of strikes targeting civilians last week, as shown by the AP agency images of the bombardment of the maternity ward and the pediatric hospital. But the Kremlin, as for the theater, accuses the Azov Battalion, a Ukrainian nationalist military unit, of having targeted the hospital.

According to the Ukrainian authorities, more than 2,500 civilians were killed in Mariupol, where mass graves were dug to bury the victims as quickly and without ceremony. Many are women and children, according to AP , but no precise toll could be established due to the constant strikes on this city located between two territories controlled by the pro-Russians, and whose control would allow Russia to have an unbroken coastline on the Sea of ​​Azov.

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