The three most bizarre NFT cash grabs in history

Cheaters belong in Web3 like clowns in the circus. They make the new World Wide Web a wild world full of “what the fuck” moments. Buckle up: we’ll take you on a roller coaster ride through the three dumbest cash grabs and scams in Web3 history.

Pixelmon: So ugly it hurts

Pixelmon’s founders promised “the highest quality NFT game ever”. Their project quickly became one of the most hyped mints of 2022. They raised 70 million in a Dutch auction from small investors.

Beautiful or? This is what the artwork for Pixelmon looked like. Source: Pixelmon

A week later, the project unveiled its NFTs. With a surprising … result?

The reveal was so horrific that Pixelmon memes flooded NFT Twitter for weeks. One of them in particular became prominent, the green Kevin.

The Pixelmon disaster made the green goblin (?) a star. Source: Twitter

In the end, it turned out that most of the Pixelmons were simply copied from the database of Unity, a popular video game engine.

Old Roos Club: When NFTs pump so hard the founder has a heart attack

Old Roos Club was an NFT project on Solana. The problem: Shortly after the Mint, one of the founders simply “died”. That’s why the project should be scrapped.

Can happen right? Source: Twitter

Of course, no one really wanted to believe the story. That’s why the community demanded a proof of death, so to speak. Then it came:

Unconvinced? wait and see It gets even better! Source: Twitter

But as you know, death doesn’t last forever. After the collection pumped Magic Eden on the Solana NFT marketplace, the founder was suddenly alive again.

Web3, a world of wonder. Source: Twitter

Magic Eden became too colorful and the platform banned the NFT collection. The founder then died one last time.

3. A finfluencer launches NFTs with really blatant utility

Where there is a lot of money, influencers are not far either. You probably know Tai Lopez. If not, be sure to check out his famous promotional video, “Here in My Garage.” A gem of finfluencer stupidity. Best comment: “This guy is the reason I learned what adblockers are.”

Because Lopez is very rich and at least as smart, of course he didn’t have to be asked twice to launch an extremely cool NFT project.

According to the website, his NFTs have more utility than any other collection in the world. you doubt? Have a look for yourself!

Our current favorite is an NFT that allows you to spend a day hanging out with Tai at his farm. By the way: You probably didn’t notice, but the Mint was so successful that it briefly crashed the Ethereum blockchain.

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