The Time Traveler’s Wife: before the OCS series, it was a movie with a Doctor Strange 2 star!

Broadcast on OCS since May 16, the series The Time Traveler’s Wife is not the first adaptation of the eponymous novel: in 2009, a film was released with Rachel McAdams and Eric Bana.

Pages on the big screen then on the small one! The romance between Claire and her time-traveling husband, imagined by novelist Audrey Niffenegger in 2003, has already come to life on screen. It was in 2009 in a film released in France under the title Hors du temps and worn by Rachel McAdams, currently starring in the Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness box, and Eric Bana.

A 1h50 feature film which had not convinced the critics and which obviously had not been able to dwell on as many details of the novel as the series created by Steven Moffat for HBO and available in US + 24 on OCS . The six episodes of the first season of The Time Traveler’s Wife only tell the first part of the original work!

More developed characters in the series

During an interview at TVLinethe screenwriter confided in this first adaptation of Niffenegger’s book, which he finds “perfect“: “I liked the movie and a lot of people love this movie. We probably need three episodes to explain how time travel really works, and to get the audience to understand.

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Eric Bana and Rachel McAdams in Out of Time.

At this point in the movie, there’s almost no time left to dwell on what it’s really about, which is what it’s like to be the time traveler’s wife, the nature of their relationship and, above all, what love is, good love, which is the theme of the book and which it brilliantly explores.

Rachel McAdams excited about this new adaptation

The interpreter of Claire in Hors du temps, Rachel McAdams, admits herself that the film had to ignore some intrigues. “Adapting a book is always hard, and it was one of my favorite books, and it was always so painful to have to let go of so many things because you had to fit it all in an hour and a half or whatever it was“, she recalls for IndieWire. And to add:

I like that it is developed. I think the book lends itself well to that. And Rose Leslie, [qui] plays Claire, I think she’s phenomenal.

I can not wait to see her“, assures the MCU actress about the series in which Theo James succeeded Eric Bana in the role of Henry. Especially since she will finally be able to immerse herself in a story she loves without having to look at herself screen.

This is, again, a story that I love, so I can never really watch enough of it. I sometimes have trouble seeing my own films. So I don’t watch them over and over again, but I would love to watch [la série]“, concludes Rachel McAdams.

Fan of the book, of Hors du temps or simply curious to discover the intertemporal romance of the heroes of The Time Traveler’s Wife, meet every Monday on OCS.

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