The Top 5 Netflix of the week: Did Lupine resist Elite?

What are the most viewed series on Netflix this week and are they worth a watch? Answer in this article!

Number 1: Lupine


Lupine keeps first place!

25 years ago, the life of young Assane Diop was turned upside down when his father died after being accused of a crime he did not commit. Today, Assane will be inspired by his hero, Arsène Lupin – Gentleman Burglar, to avenge him…

Spectator rating on AlloCiné (3.2/5):

According to Lucie Morestin (5/5):

“Like the other seasons, always full of surprises, lots of suspense, we go through lots of different emotions, it’s an excellent season!!”

According to Sherazad Mnara (5/5):

“Superb season 3, I loved it. Top casting as well as the intrigues, I validate the success, I was impatiently waiting for it.”

According to Bastien F. (1/5):

“A series that plummets from season to season. The 1st was surprising, the 2nd we started to ask ourselves questions… we felt the continuation was forced. For this third season we are clearly very far from the past quality both in terms of the storyline which is worthy of a TV film like “under the sun”, in terms of the acting of the actors who string together ready-made sentences and clichés of scenes and all kinds… as well as the visual quality which raised the level a little sir the 1″.

Why does it work?

Third consecutive week in the top 10 for Lupine, the most watched French series in the world. The charm still operates as much thanks to Omar Sy in great shape, twists and turns everywhere and Parisian settings as beautiful as ever.

Number 2: Bodysuits

France 2

Lupine heels bodysuits

Four detectives from four different eras of London find themselves investigating the same murder.

Spectator rating on AlloCiné (3.4/5):

According to Sallymegharbi (5/5):

“A very well put together thrilling series. I don’t understand such a low rating. Each episode has an unexpected ending. We travel between 4 eras without ever getting lost. Excellent series”

According to Laurence D. (4/5):

“A good surprise! Again British know-how: well put together, original. The essential thing is not in the idea of ​​a journey through time but in the criticism of a dictatorship of good, of love , and benevolence – perhaps the worst tyranny, sweet and sweet. It’s very well seen. And 4 investigations in one: daring, but successful.”

According to Lecter H. (3.5/5):

“It’s a good series but unnecessarily complicated. 4 eras, 4 stories, 4 groups of characters, and you don’t have to be a soothsayer to understand that all of this is connected. Having 4 time periods to discover with your own sets, costumes, social lives and its own technology bring a lot of diversity and I welcome the distracting side created by this multitude of transitions from one period to another. Really impossible to criticize Bodies for being boring: it is very rich in every way. But this advantage has disadvantages.

Why does it work?

A Dark synopsis, a time travel story, an investigation into 4 eras… on paper, Bodies has something to please. Especially since it is an English production, the quality of which we know. Netflix did not need to advertise for this 8-episode mini-series which follows Lupine after just a few days.

Number 3: Elite


Las Encinas is the most competitive and posh school in Spain welcoming the children of the elite. It is also in this school that three working class children are admitted when their school is destroyed and the students are then distributed among several establishments. They thought they were lucky… but maybe they’re not that lucky? The confrontation between those who have everything and those who have nothing is explosive, and will result in murder. Who is really behind this crime? Is this one of the new arrivals? Or is there something darker hiding?

Spectator rating on AlloCiné (3.7/5):

According to tisma (4/5):

If you like “How to get away with murder”, “Las chicas del cable” or “Gossip Girl”, the “Elite” series will surely please you! Twists and turns galore, secrets, if you want some, there you have it, betrayals, sensuality! Ingredients that make “Elite” a stunning teen drama, but a small “great series”“.”

According to Vanessa L. (3.5/5):

Elite is a surprising series and I must say that it is in line with Casa de Papel, the Spanish show us that they can be excellent with their series! I admit that once I started, it was difficult to put the series down and so I binge-watched the two seasons since the second had just been released on Netflix!

According to Lisa B. (2/5):

Personally I didn’t like it, it’s seen and seen again: the poor guy who goes to a rich school who falls in love with the rich daddy’s girl and spoils the bad boy with 3 IQ, the pest who crushes the others, the repressed homo and the stereotypes about Muslims…. The scenario is long and flat, the plot is non-existent and so predictable that we already know who and the killer…. It’s Gossip Girl, Spanish version

Why does it work?

In the realm of the most hated series – and paradoxically the most followed -, Elite is untouchable. This Spanish series, as sexy as it is story-wise, continues with a seventh season still punctuated by its share of sulphurous scenes, its characters as unbearable as they are endearing and its criminal intrigues. It is also for these reasons that the public is, despite everything, there. Just one more season and it’s over!

Number 4: The Fall of the House of Usher


Lord Roderick Usher, worried about his suffering companion, welcomes a childhood friend into his home with its strange and oppressive atmosphere, after having called him for help.

Spectator rating on AlloCiné (3.7/5):

According to Fabien R. (4.5/5):

Certainly, the pace is slow, but the images are splendid, the scenario very well put together, the tension builds crescendo throughout the episodes. The finale is dazzling with poetry and accuracy. A Netflix series that ticks all the boxes. Grandiose.

According to Lesmondesdelolivier (3/5):

Fan of Mike Flanagan with his masterpiece Haunting Hill House, I was impatiently awaiting this series on Edgard Poe’s short story and the way he was going to interpret it. Without being a failure, it is nonetheless a disappointment. The narrative thread becomes exhausted over the course of the episodes, only to pick up again at the end. But meh! Moreover, we are not really in the horror or the emotion. The great assets of Hill house and Bly manor.”

According to Emmaaa (1.5/5):

Mike Flanagan should have stopped at The Haunting of Hill House, a time when Netflix still offered quality. Everything that followed just got worse and worse. Until we get to this series. Everything comes together to be a Netflix series, we have all the ethnicities within the siblings, and half are LGBT. In short, instead of focusing on the image he conveys, Mike Flanagan should focus on the quality of the content he offers because it becomes indescribable.

Why does it work?

The undisputed king of horror series, Mike Flanagan continues his journey in the genre and takes on the master of gothic literature, Edgar Allan Poe. He adapts one of his most famous short stories, The Fall of the House of Usher, to better reinvent it with a chaotic family story between takeover of power, manipulation and mysterious murders. All with a rather tasty satirical tone.

Number 5: Pacto de Silencio


To find out the truth about her birth, a famous influencer driven by a violent desire for revenge plunges headlong into the lives of four women.

Spectator rating on AlloCiné: 3.5/5

According to Lyah (5/5):

“Typically the kind of Latino telenovela-style series that I love and which will delight all fans of the genre. Netflix should release more like this. All the ingredients are there to captivate the viewer from the first episode with mystery, tension, sex, violence and lots of suspense and twists and turns. In addition, the 18 episodes are not too long, the actors are good and the visuals are great! I recommend!”

According to Enorachauvel (5/5):

“Woah, this series is just incredible, which is now part of my top 3 of my favorite series! Action, intrigue, suspense, in every episode until the end! Really amazing series! is in a short time, going to be a huge hit!”

According to Harry6489 (3.5/5):

“When watching the first episode, I wanted to skip this series, I found the characters so corny; but hey, I like to watch, at least, three episodes before making a decision.

Well, it really gets better from the second episode onwards; the plots fall into place, and the storyline goes deeper with the protagonists of this story. Action, suspense, violence…all the elements to make us have a pleasant time. The casting is rather a success. A good telenovela boosted with amphetamines.”

Why does it work?

Pacto de Silencio is a series aimed at an adult audience which brings together all the ingredients that make soaps successful: revenge and betrayal against a backdrop of sexy romance. This new production coming straight from Mexico offers to follow for 18 episodes the story of Brenda, a young influencer following in the footsteps of her biological mother. A season 2 is already hoped for by fans of the program, but nothing has yet been announced by Netflix.

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