The transfer-free gloss at a low price that creates the buzz on TikTok

The product of our dreams – namely a transfer-free glossy lipstick – is finally available for sale … and what's more, at a mini price. Already tested by many Internet users, the lipstick has already convinced the entire TikTok community.

For a long time, we have known the problem of transferring our lipstick. It is enough to eat, drink or even give a kiss to leave a colored mark where our mouth has landed. Today, more and more brands offer matte lipsticks without transfer. Our favorite? The one offered at a mini price (10.99 euros) by Sephora Collection: the Matte Lip Stain Cream Without Transfer which does not move all day. Delighted with this discovery, there is one more product that we could not get our hands on: a gloss without transfer.

Anyone who has ever worn a gloss knows the downsides; namely: his sticky touch (which particularly clings to our hair), and its transfer on everything that we bring to our mouth. We never thought possible the invention ofa gloss without transfer… and yet! One brand did it, and internet users wasted no time in trying it out and providing feedback. On social networks, and in particular on TikTok, many are those to film their test of the famous Shine Loud High Shine Lip Color by Nyx Cosmetics.

Sold at only 11.50 euros, this double-ended lipstick creates a buzz. And for good reason ! If we know its first tip allowing the application of a lipstick without classic transfer; his second tip gloss leaves us speechless. And while glossy materials tend to stick and transfer all over the place, this one just doesn't budge. The Internet users on TikTok took the test for us. They apply the gloss, kiss their fingers, and nothing transfers. No trace of color ! Impressive, we just want to test our turn!

On TikTok, this legging is making the buzz and becoming number one in sales:

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