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While a big brand glitter lipstick is making the buzz on TikTok, we take a look at the trend of glitter lips that is buzzing on the web to offer you cheaper alternatives and a tip to copy its irresistible sparkle finish with reds. lipstick you already have.

That’s it, the countdown to the end of the year celebrations has started and beauty trends are taking its toll! If the pine green nail polish is already establishing itself as THE flagship shade with which to varnish our nails this fall, another makeup trend which concerns, this time, the beauty of the lips, is about to steal the show. for the parties. This is the glitter lipstick trend. A make-up detail that promises to be one of the most popular for Christmas and New Year’s makeup this year.

The buzz of this make-up trend that shines with a thousand lights started more precisely with that of a product on TikTok: that of a glitter lipstick of the brand Tom ford. This lipstick named Lipspark, whose scintillating grape captivates the canvas and sparks the creation of multiple videos praising its irresistible rendering on the lips, signed the return of this make-up trend for the lips that we have already seen on the catwalks or in the collections makeup from years gone by. Ideal for the end of the year celebrations, the lipstick with a glittery finish emphasizes the mouth while adding a little festive touch. This is especially a good party makeup idea if you don’t like wearing heavy eye makeup looks. No doubt, glitter lipstick has its place in fall-winter 2021-2022 makeup trends!

Available in seven equally sparkling metallic colors, this lipstick by Tom Ford would even be “the most beautiful lipstick in the world ” for some, that is to say the enthusiasm for the product. But this beauty nugget still has a significant cost since Tom Ford’s lipstick is sold. € 54 at Sephora. Suffice to say that all budgets will not be able to afford this little madness.

But never mind, we have unearthed you alternatives including more accessible products to please you without breaking the bank.

A Holiday Fable Enchanting Lipstick by Kiko

Price: € 12.99, to find on

Makeup Revolution Diamond Luster Crystal Lipstick Lullaby

Price: € 7.99, to find here.

Make up for ever – Rouge Artist Metallics

  • Sephora


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Note: even if it is not yet available in France, the lipstick from the beauty brand of influencer Chiara Ferragni also seems to be a reference that will allow you to display a glittery smile for the holidays.

How to create your own bespoke glitter lipstick?

Don’t have a lipstick with a formula full of glitter on hand? If, on the other hand, you have a small jar of cosmetic glitter on hand, then you can easily make your mouth sparkle without having to buy that kind of lipstick that you often only wear on rare occasions. . Enough to save money and transform all types of lipstick into a glitter make-up worthy of the holidays. The opportunity, too, to transform your favorite shade of red a little with a most sensational glitter finish.

For that, you will need:
– your favorite lipstick
– a jar of free glitter
– a lip brush

  • Apply your favorite lipstick to your lips (satin, gloss or matte, regardless of its finish) and let its formula dry for a few seconds on your lips.
  • Then apply a layer of transparent gloss all over your mouth.
  • Immediately after, apply your free glitter on your lips using a brush.
  • Purse your lips to help you spread them evenly.
  • Here you are with a tailor-made glitter lipstick!

Glittery makeup for the holidays:

Video by Azaria Anglionin

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