The tricks to know to get free beauty products at Sephora, Marionnaud, Lush or MAC

Incredible but true ! It is possible to obtain free beauty products in the biggest stores. Here are all the tips you need to know.

Taking care of your skin, your hair and putting on makeup every day can quickly come back to us very expensive per year, especially when we don’t skip a single step in our daily routine. If some beauty tips cost nothing, you can’t completely do without cosmetics. Make-up or care, same fight: you can try to pay less for them, but receiving free ones is even better!

It’s also the best way to save easily without having to deprive yourself. Loyalty programs from major brands in the beauty world such as Sephoracommercial operations combining recycling and free cosmetics, becoming a tester for make-up or skincare panels… We reveal to you the best tricks to receive free beauty products and can you pamper without spending a euro!

Join the loyalty program of your favorite brands

This silly reflex not only allows you to take advantage of discounts regularly, but also generally to have a gift offered – often a free product – on the occasion of your birthday, simply by visiting the store. This is the case if you are part of the loyalty program of the Sephora or Marionnaud brands. This is also often the case with other cosmetic brands such as Yves Rocher or L’Occitane, which spoils you and offers you a surprise on D-Day.

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Buy your favorite beauty products by lot or in a box

For the essentials of your beauty routine, product bundles are sometimes so interesting that they allow you to take advantage of a free product. Ditto for beauty boxes which, because of their advantageous sale price, often contain free products such as body milks and scented shower gels.

Participate in the Bring it back recycling program at Lush

This internal recycling system at Lush invites you to bring your recycled and recyclable plastic packaging back to the store, which also allows you to receive a free Lush product. Indeed, if you bring back 5 empty and clean jars or bottles in store, Lush offers you a fresh mask!

Sign up for test panels

Becoming a tester also means receiving free beauty products. This is what some websites offer like Beauty Testwhich allow you to receive free cosmetics at home to try them out before giving your opinion on them.

Discover all ongoing product testing right now on Beauty Test!

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Recycle your MAC packaging in store

Thanks to the Back-To-M A C program, you can also exchange 6 empty products from the brand for a free MAC lipstick. Simply bring your used and finished products back to the store and request them from a salesperson.

Request samples in store

Another easy way to get free beauty products is simply to dare to ask for samples in stores. In major cosmetics brands such as Sephora, Nocibé or Marionnaud, cashier drawers are full of samples just waiting to be used. Enjoy! It’s an opportunity to have free mini products that are super useful for travel or easy to slip into a purse.

Keep an eye out for promotional offers

It is not uncommon to be able to receive beauty products free of charge when one remains alert to promotional offers from cosmetic brands. For example, it is possible to have one or more product(s) offered when our shopping cart reaches a certain amount when shopping on the internet. Keep an eye out for these can’t-miss deals!

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