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“Maid” is the new Netflix series that is causing a sensation. Released on October 1, 2021, it features actress Margaret Qualley in a story based on a true story.

Exit Squid Game! On Netflix, among the most watched series of the moment, there are Maid . Created by Molly Smith Metzler, the show tells the daily life of Alex, a young mother played by Margaret Qualley, a woman who struggles to make ends meet after having fled her toxic relationship with her companion, alcoholic and violent. After living for a while on the streets with her three-year-old daughter, Alex ends up being housed in a shelter and finds a job as a housekeeper.

If this new stability is encouraging, it is without counting the past which catches up with it. Her ex-companion will indeed try everything to have custody of their daughter. Maid is a portrait of a woman who faces the worst in order to finally be able to rebuild herself. Throughout the series, we observe Alex’s daily life through his eyes. His doubts, his pains and his combativeness are shown without filter. And if Maid talks about dark subjects, without forgetting the sweetness that binds Alex to his daughter, Maddie.

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The true story behind “Maid” on Netflix

If the show feels so authentic, it’s because it’s based on a true story. Maid is the adaptation of the book by Stephanie Land, Maid: Hard Work, Low Pay, and a Mother’s Will to Surviv , released in 2019. Like Alex, the author worked as a housekeeper after fleeing the marital home with her child. In an interview broadcast on the C-SPAN television channel, Stephanie land confided: “Sometimes I would look at clients the same age as me and I felt like I had failed because my house was not as big as theirs, because I had not worked enough. It all stems from the American Dream. “

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A feeling remarkably transcribed in the series Maid on Netflix. It was finally at the age of 32 that Stephanie Land finally took the path she had always wanted: the mother won a scholarship and obtained the diploma of her dreams. She then stops being a cleaning lady to become a journalist. It is an article published in Vox, That the title is “I cleaned houses for 2 years and what I saw made me want to be rich”,which allowed him to land a contract with a publishing house. Now married, Stephanie Land is currently working on a new book, Class, which should be released in 2022. And which could well interest producers again …

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