the two tracks dismissed by the gendarmes

Search operations in the Haut-Vernet area ended on the evening of Wednesday July 12, 2023. Five days after Emile’s disappearance, no conclusive lead leads to the little boy’s trail.

It has now been five days since little Emile disappeared. This Saturday, July 8, 2023, the little boy, just 2 and a half years old, no longer gave any sign of life after having escaped the supervision of the grandparents at the family home located in the town of Haut-Vernet, in the Alps. -de-Haute-Provence. Despite the significant search system deployed – involving more than sixty members of the police, the support of a gendarmerie helicopter, the intervention of a canine brigade as well as the mobilization of the population – no trace of the little boy has yet been identified.

While the prefect announced the cessation of search operations on the ground on the evening of Wednesday July 12, 2023, the local gendarmerie inspected, this Thursday July 13, 2023, a new plot of land in the hamlet of Haut-Vernet in the part of the investigation into Emile’s disappearance. Despite the mobilization of around fifty gendarmes from the Gap squadron, the research did not bring to light new clues leading to little Emile.

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A new phase of investigation

The investigation continues despite the interruption of field research. At this stage of the case, all the hypotheses are still being studied. Unfortunately, the two tracks on which the authorities were looking were finally closed. Analysis of a trace of blood detected on a suspicious vehicle in the vicinity proved to be of animal origin, while a trace identified on another vehicle actually turns out to be paint. The investigators continue the hearings and the collection of information in order to clarify the circumstances of Emile’s disappearance.

According to information from our colleagues at Parisiana teenager from the area was interviewed several times by the gendarmes in charge of the case. Described as a fan of speed, and involved in several road accidents, the young man was finally exonerated after his hearing. After the field research, during which 97 hectares have been raked since the start of operations, the investigation is now entering a new phase of analysis.

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“We are now entering a second phase, that of the long time when the investigators will study the hearings, the telephone records or the vehicle inspections”, declared Rémy Avon, the public prosecutor of Digne-les-Bains, with our colleagues from The Dispatch.

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