the ultra-violent Pokemon guns down its monsters on video

A true UFO halfway between Pokemon Scarlet & Violet and Fortnite, Palworld shows up once again to make the powder speak and slaughter its little monsters with all your might.

Developed by Pocketpair, to whom we already owe Craftopia, Palworld presents itself as a direct competitor to Pokemon Scarlet & Violet. The difference, and not the least, is that the developers obviously worked on acid and decided to completely ruin all the childish good vibes that are generally associated with this kind of games, such as the very ambitious DokeV.

When Pikachu enters an armory, it gives Palworld

In Palworld, the world is beautiful and colorful. The little monsters, the Pals, are cute all the way and the chubby artistic direction immerses us in full cartoon. Except that Palworld has absolutely nothing to do with a child’s game, quite the contrary. Pocketpair announced the color to us from the outset, and made it a bit of a business, Palworld will surf on resolutely adult themes such as slavery, the destruction of the natural habitat and will give pride of place to uninhibited violence.
It will indeed be possible to collect the small creatures that will populate the open world, but also and above all, shoot them in packs of 10 with heavy machine gun or rocket launcher shots. Worse still, the Pals can assist you in your morbid escapades, or even be used, with or without their agreement, to harm other creatures. An entire program.

A little PRG in this world of brutes

In addition to offering large-scale combat, tower defense and bosses, Palworld will have a management component with the possibility of crafting a whole host of objects and even having your Pals work on a chain. And it would seem that the Pals have other uses as well.

In any case, this is what this new trailer suggests, which highlights the Pals between two killings, of course. As in Pokemon, Palworld should offer us a fairly large roster of monsters and visibly bet on the already well-known archetypes of the genre. We thus find Pals of the plant, fire, or even spectrum type and some even have two. It remains to be seen what these characteristics will be used for in the game since for the moment, apart from seeing everyone shoot each other, we have not seen any strategic combat or RPG components to highlight them.

Without an official release date, the game is still expected on PC by 2023 if all goes well. Console versions are under consideration, but nothing concrete for the moment.

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