the unions are preparing for renewable strikes

They want mobilization ” unforgettable “ in order to ” to bend “ the Elysée and the government. For the sixth time since January 19, the eight main employee unions and five youth defense organizations are urging the population to take to the streets to obtain the abandonment of the pension reform. This new show of force, scheduled for Tuesday, March 7, aims to “bring France to a standstill” for twenty-four hours, while triggering a second cycle in the protest: beyond the demonstrations, which promise to be imposing, work stoppages, already underway in certain sectors such as energy, are scheduled and likely to register for the long term.

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The figures from the services of the Ministry of the Interior evoke a wave whose height impresses: between 1.1 million and 1.4 million women and men could beat the pavement on Tuesday. “This is the highest forecast since the start of the conflict”, commented Laurent Berger, the general secretary of the CFDT. His CGT counterpart, Philippe Martinez, reports that, as of March 2, calls to march were identified in “265 places” – more than the previous five National Days of Action, he said – and the list goes on. “It is a sign that does not deceive”he says.

The fact that the protesters eased up a bit during the second half of February does not seem to have damaged their determination. The executive has, moreover, provided them with additional energy, through statements that have fueled anger. “Putting France to a halt means taking the risk of an ecological, agricultural, health or even human disaster in a few months”had launched, on 1er March, Olivier Véran, the government spokesperson. NOW, “we know that the seven plagues of Egypt are us”, quipped Frédéric Souillot, the leader of FO. The power in place “pour oil on the fire”continues Cyril Chabanier, the president of the CFTC: “It is provocation to talk to us about a spirit of responsibility. »

” Collective intelligence “

The intersyndicale is all the more determined to get involved in the fight as it “waiting for a signal” from the executive who never came, as explained by François Hommeril, the number one of the CFE-CGC. “We indicated from the outset that our commitment would be gradual”, he adds. As the camp opposite remains braced on its project, the thirteen coalition members move up a gear. “March 7 is THE day to mobilize! We must give everything to make this mobilization even more successful than the others.insists Mr. Berger.

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